Its about the right friends at the right time

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We went for "durian house stall", yes the name of that shop is ever so powerful. Just like the quality of their durians. @louis88 will agree.

Meetup at the SS2 food court, one of our significant meetup point. Trust me, we did try to social distance.

A short walk to the durian shop after dinner.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends @redpalestino @bitrocker2020 @littlenewthings @zord189 @superoo7 @orangila @joannewong and ofcourse our @aaronleang for organising this spontaneous meetup. Its a desperately needed meetup for me. I've been having some really crappy days over this whole week, and I was just having my meeting at work until 8pm and these bunch of beautiful friends is there.

A group photo courtesy of @bitrocker2020

Earlier today, was at the medical center for my x-ray as I had a very bad injury to my left hand. Fortunately, bone structure are not affected, but the fingers are swelling and the joins are killing me, not forgetting a huge chunk of skin on the hand is missing, the exposed flesh has a burning sensation all the time.

Again, sometimes it's about the right kind of friends at the right time. For that short one hour, I forgot about my pain and having so much fun eating, and chit chatting with them. I wish we stay this way, be happy together for a long long time to come.

Time to take some rest, and do pray for my hand. I had a stack of painkiller by the prescription, but I refused to take that. I know what those stuff can do to my brain now, especially now k have stopped smoking, I don't want that sensation goes into my mind and start filling the void of smoke.


Hope your hand get well soon bro and I agree that it's always this bunch that makes everything worthwhile. Take care!

Thanks Isaac. Even DSH do not sell bulk price anymore. Please organise one more if you know any good and affordable durian stall 😁

I want meet up with all of you guys!

Get well soon for your hand

Mari. Kami sentiasa berada di sini 😁 Korona, bukan boleh pergi mana pun 🤣

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Its good to see everyone yesterday too ! Hope you fast fast recover @davidke20

Thanks Joanne. Seeing pretty girl like you recover also faster 😁

i think 1 durian per year is the maximum for me 😅

What happened to ur hand la bro

Walking on the street, eyes on hot chicks and tripped on bloody Telekom concrete slap that didn't cover properly 😂