A man with no name: Zaraki Kenpachi

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Just out of the blue, I have once again resumed watching bleach.
It was perhaps 2012/13 when I had first started watching bleach also dropped it at the same time after watching Ichigo's Bankai.

These days, you will find Anime-community or fans everywhere.
But at that time, you would barely find one around you and even if you did, the sheer joy of finding one was like finding a treasure after relentless hunt.

With the little community we had back then, we always used to make plans and meet at a regular interval to talk about Anime like some sort of secret-society or cult!
If you belong to a certain community or fan-badge you will know one or some character(s) even if you don't start watching or reading.
Perhaps from there, and from some discussion related Bleach (Anime), I became a fan of Zaraki Kenpachi amongst all. Not that many were focused on him but probably it was his name that unreasonably was curved in my mind.

Like Roronoa Zoro!
I have not yet watched One-Piece, yet I a fan of Zoro also I am called Zoro as well in my circle for having worst kind of sense-of -direction🤣

Anyway, so just all of a sudden after a decade, I resumed Bleach and I realized I still adore Zaraki Kenpachi just like before.

A man with no name

You perhaps wondered why I keep addressing him by full name always as Zaraki-kenpachi instead of Zaraki or Kenpachi.
This sounds like a first and last name but because of his history neither of the name feels his to me.
I feel like if I call him only Zaraki or Kenpachi, i do not sense him in any of this name and only then I sense him when I address him as Zaraki Kenpachi! I as well love the harmony of pronunciation of the name!

image.pngZaraki Kenpachi

Normally aside from taking academic captaincy exam, every person who aim to be squadron captain need to accomplish full fledged Bankai.
Only Zaraki Kenpachi was the one who had become a Captain without attaining Bankai.
Yet, he was invincible being the Defensive (The protection team of Soul society) Squadron captain.

Name and Fame

There are not much things that intrigues or interest him.
He only aimed for to be a Captain of Soul-society after he had a fight with the Captain Unohana who is to Captain of "Emergency Relief Team" aka Medical team and was defeated. After that fight, it intrigued him to become a captain.

He had lived a long life without a name. Later, he took the name from the name of his city, Zaraki (the most lawless town of Soul society) and added Kenpachi after being the Captain of 11th Squad.

Zaraki Kenpachi is appeared to be a violent, brutal soul who lives to fight and nothing more. But if you see him thoroughly, you will know he is just precisely rational. Even though he had lived his life in brutality for heaven knows how long, he at least didn't loose his soul.

His actions are subtle and cannot be judged by superficial perspective.
He will tell you exactly what the world will hide hypocritically in the name of compassion.
Perhaps, this is why I like him more. he is precise, rational, straight forward and no unnecessary sugar-coated words or action!
Well, guess it was not a bad choice!


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I think I just spoil myself. 😅
But it’s okay. I haven’t started watching the anime yet so maybe when I start watching it, I’ll forget what yoj said here. (hopefully so I would be surprised of his character) 😅

Na na , don't worry.
Nothing here is a spoiler 😆
I would put a warning if there was a considerable spoiler of course🤠