My Girl , Splinterlands Art Contest Week 203!

Splinterlands Art Contest Week 203!

I am back

  • Hello friends

It's been a long time since I left painting and sometimes I worked on NFT
If you remember, I used to do digital paintings every day for several years, and after my father's death, I couldn't go back to painting every day.
And after 8 months I came back and today I decided with myself to start because life goes on
I do both NFT work and digital painting for development
And today I decided to work for Splinterland and participate in their competition and I am happy about it

I chose a character and based on my feelings and imagination, I painted it like this, I hope you enjoy seeing it.

9 kovhik.jpg

work process abi.jpg

process of the painting

First, I executed a simple design and had no idea of the final painting
But after working on it for hours, I finally understood what I needed
I used two programs for this painting, which I will mention

The basic design is important, but it doesn't need details, and I know that a simple design can eventually turn into a beautiful design

first step.jpg

At this stage, I decided to add other colors to it
Warm colors, of course, I added yellow first, and then in the final stages, I thought of adding warm purple and pink colors to it and adding different effects on it in Photoshop.

first step 2.jpg

programs i used for the painting :

  • Photoshop
  • Krita
  • XP-Pen

i made a GIF from steps of painting in the photoshop , first i paint it in krita and then worked more in photoshop and i changed it again , i used both programs whenever i needed


This is the Splinterlands Character i chose for my painting to enter this contest


and here is the contest link :

i hope that you liked my works , i hope that i can enter all the contest every week and enjoy this work a lot .


thank you abi.jpg


Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859