The Starry Night of Dracula

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the starry night of dracula

Last month I used Nifty Ink for fast and irresponsible drawings. I decided to draw fast, start without any idea, and discover something new.

cactus town

Firstly, I discovered that I like to draw different patterns.

the river and roads


Secondly, I like to draw broken shapes. But it's scary to draw animals or people.

white giraffe

dear keith harring

the spring of love

Finally, I realized, it's better to mix different patterns and line weights.

water on the moon

Today something clicked. I drew a picture where I mixed abstract shapes with some unrecognizable animals and even a face, and mixed everything I learned from previous images.

 25 days ago 

That first one would make a great poster design!

Thank you! I'm thinking about making stickers with it