TrinityArt Comic No. 1 - Cyber Bee - Guardians of the Blockchain: The Birth of Cyber Bee / finished Comic

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the birth of Cyber Bee

This first Comic is a short origin of Cyber Bee. Cyber Bee is one main character of my future "guardians of the blockchain" Comic.

I start to create the origins of the characters first, so everyone has some background knowledge of the future Superheroes.

TrinityArt Comic No 1 - the birth of cyber bee 1.jpg

About the character: Cyber Bee

Cyber Bee is a female Cyber Mutant.
Gen manipulated being, Bee stings can come out of her hands/ fists.
She is able to fly.
She can control the Hive mind.
Great Psy Power.
She uses her hive bee nanotechnology aka drones to protect her Family from any cyber galactic attacks.
A second part of her origin is possible cause my story ends with a kind of cliffhanger....

TrinityArt Comic No 1 - the birth of cyber bee 2.jpg

TrinityArt Comic No 1 - the birth of cyber bee 3.jpg

TrinityArt Comic No 1 - the birth of cyber bee 4.jpg

TrinityArt Comic No 1 - the birth of cyber bee 5.jpg

Cyber Bee's Birth: Paris year 3069

The French capital has become a technological and futuristic city.
It's clear the world has changed. Intergalactic cooperations and agreements are a daily business.

In this times humans are not born on a natu4way anymore. Most humans are created in laboratories.
There are only a few "real" and "natural" humans existing.

That's the time and area out Cyber Bee lives in.

The real Name or human Name of Cyber Bee is Maïa (Maïa with two dots about the I is the French version. Also I know Maya means something like illusion in old Hindi or Yoga Philosophy And there is a old kids comic out called bee Maja or Maia, don't know how to write it).

Maïa was born on a natural way not in a laboratory. Her Family works for many generations as Beekeepers.

Don't blame me, I just found it funny - like Stan Lee does - to have so many combos with "Hive" and "Bee's". But be sure, the other characters are different.

TrinityArt Comic No 1 - the birth of cyber bee 7 gif.gif

deeper meaning behind the comic

Maybe you already discovered it. In my comic I have some deeper meaning of bullying and being an outsider. Also the topic cloning, Gen manipulation and technology is in focus. A future kind of rassism, that natural humans are not welcome.
Could this maybe be the fuu4of humans after Elon musk and all this people get us humans more like cyborgs or Gen manipulated? Would we go against other humans which are against it?

about the work...

At all this short comic took me know nearly 14 days creating.
3 days to collecte ideas, 2 days of drawing different characters to get inspired for cyber bee, 4 days to create a story board, dialog and first sketches, 1 day for the cover and 4 days of fine tuning... Making the sketches clearer, first coloring with liquid pens, after with Bound pins, and other pens. Soooo much coloring.
After that I photographed my comic, digitalised it and made a video aka gif out of it.
It's easier to draw just a single character. This I can do on 1 day (1-8 hours depending on the character) but because of all the stuff around like the story board, text bubbles and so on it took an eternity. I will continue with it but only 1 comic a month is realistic possible for me. See, I do it handmade and classical Oldschool... Lol. I can't delete stuff, if I do shit, I have to start over again... Hahahaha. But therefore it's unique. But why I do that? In this times every artist gets more and more digital, get me right, I looove digitalart and technology but I think we have to train real handmade art neither otherwise we will lose some skills. Know what I mean? Our hand is full of little muscles which have to be trained too.

I will sell this comic as an NFT Comic in our lovely! So I make sure that no one could take my idea and sell it for their own! Also I wanna be one of the first which offer NFT Comics! No worries, it's really cheap! It only cost 2 swap.hive and is available 10 x - Limited edition for comic lovers is always amazing!

Pardon if I made any grammar mistakes today. I wrote all freestyle without checking. Was Inna flow.

Let me know your thoughts and feel free to leave a comment.

Your @akida aka TrinityArt

Check out my NFT Art here:


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Very cool first chapter and I want to know what's next...
Yep it takes a lot of time and patience in order to draw a comic. But great work drawing and colors 👍

Oh gosh I was sooo nervous. Thanks for your words. I know the shadings are in some pics not perfect and this damn liquid pen destroyed a bit... But the next one I will take more care of it and I will take more time to create the next one so it's better than this! And many thanks for your support. I really appreciate it from the button of my heart. 🙏🏼🤗💕🎶 I am honored that you have your own copy of my comic now. Muito obrigada 💕💕💕💕 muito, muitooooo obrigada 🙏🏼

As you practice, you'll improve but the beginning is already pretty good... I had tried in my youth to make a comic book (scenario), I find that the hardest thing is to make the framing of a page so that it's dynamic and that the reader enters the story more easily.

You did it 🤩🤩🤩 see, you can do it.
What a great project and so worth the time to create… keep going we are curious to what is next. 😁
Have an amazing day @akida 👋🏻☀️

Thank yooooouuuuuu @littlebee4. Aaaaw but still I messed up a bit 😢😅it's not perfect but next time I know which pens and pencils are better for it! Hugs toooo yaaaaa.

And you know what? You are my inspiration for posting soon an art travel post. 🎨🤗 Last weekend I took some great pics and total forgot about them. By seeing your great posts I think I have to post about Portuguese art and the areas again too. Thanks for this inspiration my dear.

Hugs to ya. Rise and shine

You are soooo welcome @akida 😁
But you figured it out and know what to use next time. To me it looks great 😎 I boosted your post hope ecency comes by soon 😉

Aaawww that’s nice to hear. Yay a travel art post, so looking forward to it. Let me know when you post it 😊
Hugggsss to ya 🤗🤗🤗

OMG, thank you so much for the boost. I am speakless. Thank you. Hopefully saturday I will post it! I am not the best writter for travel post but i give my best :)

You are welcome @akida 😁💃🏻🥳

The weekend yay 🤩 that is all we can do… do our best 😉
Enjoy you r day further!

Great artwork and I like your deeper meaning behind the comic very much.
Lets hope it will not turn out in this way.
Rehived and hopefully you will get seen by @curie or @ocd or any big curator account.

Ola @lichtblick and thank you so much. Yes, the storyboard was the hardest to create. I didn´t wanted to do a "normal" comic with big boobie girls ;) I wanted to have a message behind it. Happy that you like it too. in this times a deeper meaning in comics can be rare. Thank you so much for your support. Obrigada, wait on german its "danke" right? Dank schön. Thank youuuuuu

Yay! 🤗
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Hi Trinity found you here. I will read it later, you have written it very well..

Akapics is it you or am I wrong? If it's you AMAAAAAAZING 🤗 thanks for finding me here. Aaaaw, it must be you. The artstyle on your Profil looks familiar to me 😍 happy to have you here my dear. Hugs tooooo yaaaaa.

Yes its mee.. 😅you have great popularity here..❤️❤️💯.. great to see that.

Aaaw how lovely. I was looking at your art and thought "it must be him". Super coool to have you here. Can't wait to see more creations of ya. Digital hive hugs to yaaaaa

Sure! I will be uploading more soon.. haha digital..

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0looks and sounds awesome. 👌

Thank you so much. I am happy that you like it.

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