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~ Alien Incubation ~


Greetings fellow Alien Artisans and welcome to the community curation Mothership Transmission. Here, each week, it will be our pleasure to abduct and feature some of your original artwork from the community to highlight. Please consider taking some time to check out the featured Alien Artists and support their work.


Alien Art Hive has been part of the OCD Community Incubation Program since May 2020! This has really helped our little community grow and reward tons of amazing artists! At the time of this post we have 1429 subscribers!

Continue to share your creativity and artistic endeavors here in the community for your chance to get your work Abducted for Alien Incubation and Curation. We will try to spread the Alien Honey as far and wide as we can.

~ This Week's Abductions ~

Alien ArtistPost Link
@soufianechakroufSunflower Effect P.II (Things get lost in dimensions).

Alien ArtistPost Link
@richardfyates"Artz That Came to Me in a Dream or Something" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

Alien ArtistPost Link
@anafaeHerbert Caught A Big Fish

Alien ArtistPost Link

Alien ArtistPost Link
@stellabelleThe Ideas Behind My Latest Art: Fromage de Célébrité

Alien ArtistPost Link (Digital drawing) AN ALIEN - (Dibujo digital) UN EXTRATERRESTRE

Alien ArtistPost Link
@motionkapture777Bad Trip - Tokenize Videoart nftshowroom

Alien ArtistPost Link
@soxavisualPRIMAL SNAKON

Alien ArtistPost Link
@tntdabombColorful Rose

Alien ArtistPost Link
@failingforwardsAn ode to a Watchful Witnesses

Alien ArtistPost Link
@quantumgDivine Hand

Alien ArtistPost Link
@artvikBird flying high, you know how I feel :) / Painting "Bird" and the story of its appearing

Alien ArtistPost Link

Alien ArtistPost Link
@vachemorteNew art + new composition //// THE QUANTUM MONORAIL

Alien ArtistPost Link
@artistparthoroyfinding surrealism in the midst of reality.

Alien ArtistPost Link
@juliakponsfordIT'S #ALIENDAY!!!!

Alien ArtistPost Link
@jiltCyberpunk pinup - updates

Alien ArtistPost Link


~ What is Alien Art Hive about? ~

Alien Art Hive was created to be a fun, low-pressure community for artists/musicians to share their crazy creations and possibly collaborate!

You can subscribe and view the current posts here:

Accepted Content
Content doesn't need to be directly about ALIENS, this community is a place for people to post art and music that is other-worldy, inter-dimensional, unusual or strangely beautiful! We are accepting of many different types of art but if you do not loosely fit into one of the categories below we will kindly direct you to more appropriate art communities!

Genres that fit:

alien stuff (of course)
cryptoart / NFT
psychedelic style art
visionary art
spiritual or occult/esoteric
space themed
outsider art
strange and bizarre themes or styles
Music, writing, and poetry are also welcome if they fall into these categories.

Feel free to post any creative medium or style you can dream of. The only firm criteria that will be enforced is that the content must be original art made by you. We are strong supporters of artistic freedom and see nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other artists or remixing to create something entirely new. If however the art is not made from scratch it's good etiquette to cite your sources so people can understand exactly what they are curating.

~ NFT Showroom and Alien Art Hive! ~

As most of you may know, we launched our own NFT Art platform here on Hive called NFT Showroom! You can mint and sell your own original artwork or buy and collect art you appreciate in the Showroom. We would love for this community to be a hub for NFT related activities so as you may have noticed NFT / cryptoart / metaverse was added to the accepted content!

If you haven't visited the site yet check it out here:

Follow the account for more info: @nftshowroom

Join the NFT Showroom discord server from the link below to connect.

~ Connect on Discord ~

If you have any questions or just want to say hello feel free to pop into the Alien Art Hive or NFT Showroom discord! It's also integrated on peakd so you can say hello right from your browser.

Automation has been set up in the Alien Art Discord server, so everything that is posted to the community gets brought into the alien-art-alerts channel! It also gets tweeted, you can follow the account here and support by retweeting!

Click the invite link here to join the Alien Art Hive discord
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Thanks for joining the Mothership for this week's Alien Art Hive Abductions!
Transmission over and out...

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Thank you guys!

Thank you! Your metallic was exquisite!

great selection! I loved it

This one was a fantastic selection! Thanks for stopping by and commenting bro! =)

These are some mind blowing works of art. Thanks for the mention.♥️

This was an awesome collection! It's funny, yours was the abductors becoming the abductees! hahaha Great contribution this week!

Thanks for the mention, @natepowers grabbed one of the ancient prophecy nfts that is featured here, and @strangerobjects is in possession of the other mint.The others were destroyed. Burned over 50 NFTs after my sale.

I really enjoyed your artistic contribution this week! It's super cool to have control over the art and who doesn't like a good fire? I will bring the marshmallows next time! =)

Love to be abducted, do it again!

Your art was a really cool contribution in many ways! I particularly liked the motion. Keep up the great work and thanks for your contribution! =)

Sorry for the delay to reply, I really appreciate your comment.
You have very nice pictures.

No worries! Thank you for your kind words! =)

Sorry for the delay to reply, I really appreciate your comment.
You have very nice pictures.

Sorry for the delay to reply, I really appreciate your comment.
You have very nice pictures.

Awesome art and contribution! Thanks for sharing it here in the community!

Thanks for mentioning! Please have a look at my little community Nestedneons!!! We boost new members posts with ecency points!

Maybe you could drop a link so folks could find it directly! Thanks for your contribution to the community here! Keep up the great work.

I love this community !! <3

This community loves you back! I tried to see if i could share the animation because it was awesome but that image was the best i could do your post justice! Keep up the great work!

This is very cool and lots of great work and artists to discover! Thanks for putting this together.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and appreciate the art and artists as well as comment! There are some great artists in this community and we are thankful to be able to share their art with the world!

Thank you very much for the mention

Your art contribution was an awesome addition to the weekly curation abductions! Thanks for sharing it here in the community. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for your words and I will definitely share my works again in your community!!!Bye

Thank you very much for sharing!

Thank you for your contribution to the community! Keep up the great art. =)