Herbert Caught A Big Fish

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Herbert loved fishing, and he had always dreamed of one day catching a really really big fish. But this one looked so very grumpy that he wasn't sure if it was even safe to eat ...

Say hello to Herbert!
This is my latest piece of art, and I'm super happy with it! It's just what I like, colorful and weird and fun :)

I decided to mint it on OpenSea.
It's quite nice, since I've paid that one time gas fee for opening an account, I can mint there for free. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to mint anything on Ethereum ^^ So this feels like it was a good investment for me.

If you'd like to see a higher quality picture of Herbert, click here for getting to OpenSea :)

I don't really have pictures of the process this time, Herbert just happened ^^
I think I started with a fish and then the rest developed itself while I was working.
I love experimenting with shapes and lines that way.
It's like there is only one right way to get the right balance and flow, I just have to find it. That takes hours and days sometimes, but it's the most fun part! :)


Oh, I also wanted to tell you, that we got a bid on "The Pomeranian is Always Watching" on Foundation! (read my post here)
I'm so relieved!
It was a collaboration, so I only paid half of the gas fees, but it was still a lot of money! I'm so happy that it was worth it and that the piece found someone who likes it!

So now that the auction is opened, the excitement begins ^^ (When the set reserve price is met, people have 24 hours to bid on a piece).
There are only about 9 hours left, until the piece gets sold to the highest bidder. I'll see if any other bids come in during the day, but I know for sure, that in nine hours the piece gets sold. And this is such a good feeling! :)


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/anafae_art
Gallery on NFT-Showroom: https://nftshowroom.com/anafae/gallery
Life of Mo Series: https://opensea.io/collection/life-of-mo
Gallery on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/ana-s-mind

all images by me


Another amazing piece of art! I can really feel the flow in this! I was wondering how that collab artwork was doing and am delighted to see that there's some bids coming in. Curious where it will end but no matter what, this is already pretty sweet. You are making decent money with your art and have done it in a very short amount of time. Amazing and inspiring!


Hey, thank you very much! <3
Yes, the Foundation auction was really exciting! I'm so relieved that it worked out. And now our food supply for the next month is safe :)
I sometimes forget that it has only been a short time, but you're right. Starting on Twitter has done a lot, I met good people there. I so happy that it all works out somehow, and I'm super excited about the future!

Well done Ana, I'm so happy to see your productivity continuing. Well done on the Foundation sale. And also for launching you OpenSea shop. I continue to mint on Hive until the gas fee comes down one day lol.

Thank you! Yes, that's all quite exciting! I don't think I'm gonna mint on Foundation again, but OpenSea is nice, you pay that one time gas fee and after that it's free. For me it was worth paying it. But many people start on other platforms, like the tezos ones or ghostmarket, which are not so expensive. And I'm still promoting Hive as best as I can :)

Impressive ... Herbert gets the story across!