I'm not crazy, I'm a woman

This is one of my favorite paintings because it represents a bit of everything I like and can define feelings and aspects of being a woman. I love fast painting, not only practicing it but also works with this technique. On the other hand, the gouache's pastiness and its opacity are perfect for this scene. And also the color combination is also perfect in a raw and emotional way.


These work is available at @nftshowroom:

I was surprised by @nftshowroom! Now you can send and receive messages! I find it incredible and it's something that other platforms don't have and that could be very useful and practical. Very good!
It would be nice if more collectors join. I don't know how you can do that, but what I can help here I am. I can think of nothing more than to make art, uploading to nftshowroom and set prices according to the work. I've seen works that are too cheap and I'm sorry! I have made the mistake of selling cheap and it doesn't feel good. It was only once and the last.

Bárbara Bezina ♥

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