Source of cells and eyes

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Source of cells and eyes

— images and writing by @d-pend




Source of cells and eyes

All these portaled grids and lidded veils
who stare into each others' depths and sigh
are tracing slowly slight and glitt'ring trails
beneath the old phantasm of the sky.

Every mome, eviscerations harsh
of real occurrence memory enacts
and makes bright quadrangle of muddled marsh
of meaning — piling in skyward stacks:
aspiring to the source of cells and eyes.


images and words by @d-pend
created for HIVE on May 18th, 2021.

images are original photographs taken with iPhone 8+,
processed with Deep Dream and edited in Final Cut Pro.



Let me feed my eyes with those beauty and colorful look.

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Hi @d-pend. It's time for me to get a new phone next month. I will look at iphones but I think Korea get's better deals on the Korean phones. I've been posting a lot in proofofbrain and having fun there. It's like a new world I never knew about. Kind of like your Dcity world.