Broozel City guide (part 5) - The Great Cosmic Score Library

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The Great Cosmic Score Library

The Great Cosmic Score Library of Broozel is located at the right arch of the Violin Gate. When you stand in front of the Library, I enjoin you to first contemplate the magnificent statues of the "Izrais", the headless founder Monks of the SongBird ritual, symbol of the Harmony between all the universes.

The legends tells that when the great souls decided to bring the knowledge of the harmony to the people, they give it to the first Izrai. His right hand holds a copy of the Song of Creation and in his left hand he holds the Book of Life in which he wrote down the song.

The Cosmic Library Doors with the "Izrais", the headless founders

You will notice that books are already hanging outdoors on the walls of the Library, these are books anyone can consult and access, borrow and share. On the other hand, inside the library you will find plenty of shelves, each one containing books of every sort covering topics from soundwave physics to medieval scores and ancient tablatures.

alphabet3 - 1.jpg
Writing alphabets is totally different from ours

The Alphabet & Musical notation

You must also know that musical notation and writing alphabets are totally different from what we use, and learning this new scriptographic signs needs very long time and lots of practise.

In short, this civilization use some kind of musical langages where tablatures mixed with some sort of alphabetical signs would cope with our rythmic and melodic notation but additionally they use some figurative or abstractive picturings elements that gives also information about the emotion and the benefit the music piece can bring to the listener ! For example, some scores are meant to be medication, others to be learning manuals. Some can be used as self-defense weapons or algorythmic formulas. The images could represent Samurais holding his tear for fear, as an advice for playing this score when entering the fields of joy.

alphabet3 - 2.jpg
Figurative or abstractive picturings elements that gives also information about the music

The Tablature Aquarium in the Library

All type of musical notation from all kind of civilization are here wisefully collected on different kind of extra-ordinary organic supports. A huge part of the scores are genetically encoded into paperfishes and kept into the big Tablature Aquarium.

aquarium aux tablatures.png
The huge tablature aquarium into the Library

Paperfishes are kind of alien creatures that resemble paper sheets that swims into the air like a fish would do in an aquarium.

aquarium aux tablatures paperfish.jpg

Moreover, their strange internal structure makes it possible to fold them into any shape without risk of being broken.

aquarium aux tablatures paperfish2.jpg

On their skins sheets, you will find musical scores. Paperfishes aquariums are fragiles ecosystem to maintain but you if you get enough experiences, you may easily transfer your own musical creation in a new paperfish species.

aquarium aux tablatures paperfish3.jpg

Go quietly to the Aquariums of Tablatures, at the center of the Library. Ask the main librarian what you're looking for and sit down. While you wait, look at all the paperfishes.

aquarium aux tablatures detail.jpg
Sit down and look at the paperfishes

Once a fish slowly land near you, this must be the reading you were expecting. Take the paperfish gently into your hands and unfold it and study it as long as you need.

paper fish 3.jpg
Bunch of paperfishes ready to be studied and played

Enjoy your readings there, and when you are finished, gently throw the paperfish in the air, and they will fly back into their shelves.

You may have missed the previous parts 1 2 34

An original creation series made with support of generative VQGAN+CLIP and tranfsormers model languages (GPT-J & GPT-Jumbo ) technologies, driven by my own dreams

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