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I'm /deeanndova there ... it took me a LONG time to understand Cent because I got there just as they were going through major changes, so I had to understand it TWICE, and nobody really has time for all that. Still, I did figure it all out -- it is not as straightforward as Hive. Essentially, what you do is put art our and fund it upfront to get attention from seeders who if they like what they see from you consistently fund you consistently. Meanwhile, other people come and comment, and you reward your favorite comment ... lovely way to get fine testimonials, although they are probably not entirely unbiased (because the same economics that go into folks writing articles and selling the proceeds for their living operate on Cent, and in addition to the big reward, you can also spot -- tip -- other responses that you like).

Speaking of rewards -- there are other people offering rewards to attract views to their art, and a good, thoughtful comment allows you to be in the running for those. However, the competition is fierce -- that's a process in and of itself!

I adapt the old process on Steem for the days in which I started out with just 15 resource credits ... post up some art with an amount of ETH worth $4-5, and then write 5-7 thoughtful responses to other people's post. My goal: breakeven first, then take small profits. It can work as a model ... but of course, it's just not as good as Hive.


Wow! You definitlely win here :-)

Thanks a lot for your explanations. It roughly the idea I have of cent, but every time I want to do something, it says "no sufficient funds" and I throw 20 bucks into it which miraculously disappear before I know it. I have enough of it for now...

Plus, who stands a chance against your comments... ;-)

I'm not there every day, only about 4-5 times a month, and there are commenters there that give me heavy competition ... but YES, unless you get seeded by someone or win some rewards, you CAN run out of money really soon. $20 worth will get you 3-4 posts and enough to spot some other people's work freely, but that's IT, and if ETH fluctuates down (been riding between $500 and $600 back and forth for a month), you can run out of money QUICK. I get beat on comments pretty regularly, but when I get $3-5 of wins together, I'll take out $1 or so in ETH, and do a post to attract more eyeballs and spotters with the rest ... so, $20 gets stretched, and a little profit comes out. But, in the same month, although it takes a lot more work, I make a lot more here.

The most valuable thing about Cent, though, is future value of what it provides you for that initial investment ... imagine dressing up your gallery with all those detailed reviews that people write about your art. We understand the economics of Cent, and why those reviews happen, but, open up a file to your computer for each piece of art, keep track of the reviews you like, and make use of them, thoughtfully ... and about the rest ...

Image by Nika Akin from Pixabay