Ithaqa Comic Issue 5 Page 3

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Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! Here are two versions of page 3 only slightly different in that as you can see, we kept redrawing our Kickstarter backer over and over again to try and capture his likeness.

I'll be away from my computer for the rest of this week unfortunately, but when I get back we will resume posting. There's a decent chance I'll have heard back from my editor by then, and I can let you know if Issue 8 has withstood her mighty pen. If so, I will be CELEBRATING. Maybe some kind of contest where I gift some hive or HBD or voting power or something. Feel free to comment your thoughts on what a fun game or giveaway would be, because if I finish issue 8, I will have finally functionally finished writing this graphic novel.

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Happy thanksgiving to you too.

Have fun whatever you are doing. We don't have Thanksgiving here, but Black Friday is a think in the UK now. Just another marketing exercise.