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A fun little likely to go unnoticed detail on this page is how we give clues as to our characters mental states based on which tarot cards are depicted in the background of the frame. In panel 1, behind Margaret we see the four of pentacles, a card that represents stubborness, an impasse, anti-social behavior. We see this because Margaret doesn't wish to work with the other investigators, she's hoping to solve this mystery alone. In panel 2 we see the 2 cups, a card of social, even romantic connection. Funnily enough, I had intended for Theresa to draw the three of cups a more social and cooperative card and Theresa had a freudian slip and put the two of cups in there instead, haha.

In the next phase of this page you will see we add the three of cups in to emphasize Hazel's social tendencies, and then in another panel we bring back the two of cups to hint at romantic underpinnings...

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