Original painting: The Rider

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After I first played with AI generated images last June I started this piece as my first painting based on such a reference. I used 3D-modelling tools for concept work for many of my paintings since the early 90s so I'm trying to see this as another tool. However, AI is quite a different beast. It's capable to fake creativity and aesthetics on a high level and it's getting better and better. I'm aware that AI is a double-edged sword and I do feel some level of discomfort when using it. On the other hand I just can't ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist. I'm trying hard to make a use of it in such a way that I can produce something even more interesting by merging it with my own visions.

This painting is the first piece of my planned series Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The Rider, 2022
Acrylics on fiberboard
40 x 32 cm / 15.75 x 12.6 in



You first drew a painting then passed it through AI? Right?

The first and second images are looking like dinosaur shaped tree branches.

What have you made by the way? I mean what was in your mind while making them?

The reference is made by DiscoDiffusion AI and the painting is made more or less after it. I was attempting to get the AI to create a rider in a surreal style intertwined with cables and roots. It took me a while to get something useful out of it but that's how it works. You have to try over and over again with various prompts.

I tried using stable diffusion and I completely understand the nedd for trying over and over with different prompts.

So it is the painting that you made later. I thought it was AI that you applied later

Yes, the painting is made after the reference. However, I was experimenting with AI animations made based on my paintings, the other way around so to speak. Here is an example:

Is the discomfort from being unfamiliar with the tool or because you don't like how some people use it?

This looks pretty cool and very you though if you showed us how the prompts came out I either missed that post or just don't remember it (a bit going on so sometimes I have trouble indexing things).

I feel uneasy about AI especially because it is going to be used against humanity. It is going to control, to manipulate and to deceive people on many levels. The Holy Grail of AI is the creation of artificial consciousness, or better put: fake consciousness. To me this would be the worst kind of unholy, diabolical deception I can imagine: To trick and deceive humans to believe a machine is sentient.

Who is going to use it against humanity? O_O Seems counterproductive.

Big-tech, governments, central banks... the whole corporate mafia.