Devouring Thyself | Digital Painting

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Devouring Thyself

This is my own version of Francisco Goya's "Saturn Devouring His Son". I've always loved that painting and I felt the need to have my own touch to it. If you have read what Goya's painting was all about, you can guess what my interpretation is.

Here's a timelapse for this one:

As you can see, I can't decide easily if I should put an eyeball or not lol but in the end I just didn't. XD I'm still getting used to digital painting though, in my opinion oil paint is still top tier for me to use as a medium cos I can express well. In digital you have to work around smudging the paint and find what works best to be able to achieve the paint effect that you like.

I think some artists can relate.

This piece is minted on KnownOrigin:


That. Right there. Mmmhmm.

Nods approvingly.

lol I'm glad I got the approval!

I love this!
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Try Corel Painter, maybe it'll give you the kind of digital painting experience you're looking for.

I'm using Procreate and it does the job, there's still just big difference with painting digital and traditional no matter how hard you try with the brushes lol

The first time I encountered Francisco Goya's painting "Saturn Devouring His Son" was from a book making a commentary about cannibalism and how it is portrayed in modern day literature. Back then I never bothered to know who painted the work that served as the cover of the book until a friend enlightened me about the painter's name.

There is definitely something about the painting that can inspire and imprint something primal as one examines the work. The cover was the reason why I took up the book and used it for hobby reading. You captured some of its essence and rendered your own take quite well. 😃

Haha yeah, that work was just incredible. That book knows what exactly it needs :D Thank you! Although I wasn't that satisfied with it and pretty sure someday I'll do it again, I'm glad you think that way. :D

Looks awesome as usually, you manage to crate this dark pictures with so much color, really like it

Haha thank you!

Hi @hiddenblade, really loving your art!

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Esto... Me ha encantado. En óleo quedaría espectacular...