#Fresh - Digital Painting

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When you get out of the shower... are you really fresh like how you paint it on social media? Or are you not showing your true self to your lovely followers? How long can we be pretentious just to get those delicious likes?

I've been inspired to have color studies lately, thanks to Rick and Morty. I love vivid and eye candy colors but with morbid themes or some shit cos I think it's badass. xD

Here's the timelapse of the painting. You'll also see that I doodled on the face lol but I still cringe at the thought of painting a face. T_T


lol you did started drawing the face and the abort, nice piece

LOL yeah, I always end up aborting them XD

Love those vivid colors and with that doodled face i can see that "fresh message"... That part when you're trying to paint the face and then not, was hilarious XD, i know what it feels but with the hands, i always deleted them and put whatever I feel. By the way i think i am kinda the same person at social media and real life, absent most of the time lol

Haha yeah. Sometimes I just wanna make funny cartoon faces as part of the painting but can't seem to work them out yet. Lol yeah hands are pretty darn hard most of the times but when you get it right it's pretty satisfying! :D