The Queen On Her Throne | Digital Art

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The Queen On Her Thrones.jpg

The Queen On Her Throne

This is yet again another digital painting over a photograph that I did on Procreate. I'd like to call this one semi-erotic, though I'm not sure if that word officially exists.

This also kinda reminded me of my series back in early 2019 Nudity, Art, And Freedom where I also painted over photographs but it's more like a photography than a digital painting. Ever since I got a new tool to create (tablet and now iPad), I have seen a lot of improvements on my works. The same feeling is felt when I did this as well, it's liberating. Having a new tool just makes me feel free cos I can do it whenever at the same time it's just SO MUCH easier to create. So convenient.


Anyway, "The Queen On Her Throne" is available on Rarible and only has 1 edition left.


Thanks for the collectors who bought it! Including @barbarabezina who took one! Hahaha she was so fast. <3



I don't why you gave it the name "The Queen on Her Throne", but what I can do for you is to appreciate your effort and your vision to come up with this.

It means that I have a control over my life and not let anyone else dictate what I should do or should not do. Like, I am free in terms of "being myself". :) Thank you!

Very beautiful work! 💗