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Do you really want to see who's haunting you?

This is based on my nightmares. I remember it started when I was a teenager, I would always dream of being chased, getting attacked. I would always try to run away without ever seeing the face of who's chasing me.

One morning, I had a dream of someone choking me in my room... the attacker looked exactly like me!

It took me years to manage not being scared of them nightmares anymore. Even now, I see those exact faces and dark places but I don't get scared. I think it's one of my achievements in life that I am finally able to see those kinds of faces but not turn the dream into a nightmare, even when I'm not lucid!

These smudges over the faces are symbols of not wanting to see the true self [as a default on all of us]. They are vivid, not only because it's my style, but because I like to symbolize them as us having a choice whether or not we would unveil them. We are in full control, and that's how it should be.

These faces of me don't scare me anymore and I'm glad about it.


I like your style a lot.

Thank you so much :D

 2 months ago 

Love this one, very creepy!

Haha I like that you find it creepy. Thank you!

Very very creepy ...lol

That was the goal! :D