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RE: Continents magic: "Asian Alien" P.II ASIA

The image you posted is the primary source of value for your post or you have posted an image in a curated and/or artistic tag (photography, art, etc.) without attribution or source. By doing so you are claiming to be the sole content creator and that the image is original to yourself.

Plagiarism is the copying & pasting of others work without giving credit to the original author or artist. This includes manually reproducing the work of others, which violates their intellectual property rights.

Repeated plagiarism is considered fraud. Fraud is discouraged by the community and may result in the account being Blacklisted.

If you believe this comment is in error, please contact us in #appeals in Discord.

 last year  

This absolutely does not appear to be plagiarism or app art as the comment below suggests, how embarrassing.

So in my opinion those digital "paintings" form last week were evidently traced over these photos. He has not given sources on purpose.
The level of quality of his drawing and proportions was a sudden increase.
Tracing is basically like using a coloring book. You put the photo or image as underlayer, then trace the lines and shades. Then you put your colours over it. Done with colour pencils, paint or digitally, makes no difference.
guiltyparties explained it in his recent post. Although in this case, there is no art being used to trace, just photography. But in my opinion it is attempt of deception.
As it was not stated that the photos were traced and the photos were not sourced.


Or in another recent post.


Definitely traced over. Line to line.

Recently he has been tracing photos by putting them as undercover as he has problems getting proportions right just by drawing from head or by looking from a distance.
For comparison, you can see in his previous art that the quality of drawings was much woerse. Often not getting proprotions and shading right.