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It's Inktober again. Actually has been for the last 10 days now and I've been really lazy. I have drawn, but I totally lack the enthusiasm to ink the sketches and as I got the idea to use old magazines, I decided to really stretch the whole Inktober theme and just scanned the drawings and do the rest in photoshop. I might use ink with some drawings (the actual liquid and and an ink pen) just like I did last year and the year before when I started inking, but as I'm not going to stress about it and I refuse to force myself to draw or ink anything if I don't feel like it, we all just have to see what I eventually come up with. Will this be the only Inktober work I do this year or do I surprise us all and mange to pull off 30 art pieces more.

I know Inktober isn't about traditional inking only, I could finish the sketches with drawing apps or editing programs, but I feel safe to say that I'm not going to leave it with that only. I am going to post-process the drawing as much as I feel like so it might just be that the end results will be collages more than traditional or modern inkings. But as this is not a competition, I feel farely safe to break the rules a bit. And then a bit more. Until the end result pleases me.

And I also feel fair to warn you. No Rachel Rabbit this year. And no stories also! I just do not feel like it so that's that.


As you can see there's no space ship or ship in the prompt list but when I saw those eyes, I just had to make it a space ship. So at the moment I'm not following any rules here. Uh, that's not true. I lied. Draw and publish. Those are the two main rules in inktober and that's what I've done and will do. Draw and publish. Draw and publish.


I found few old magazines from a flea market, Norwegian Hjemmet for 20 cents a piece dated 1969 and seeing the first tobacco ads I just had to buy them. Now I've been tearing the magazines and getting really stupid ideas to make art.


I mean, who could resist those eyes. And those 60's glasses and haircut. Not me!


Some tlc, hairpulling, swearwords, coffee and photoshop...


And as you can see, the spaceship or whatchacallit lost it's space junk grabbing arms...


...but got the ability to change it's appearance. You see how much harder it is now for it's enemies to target right between the eyes as the moving legs distract them from aiming properly. So much harder.

With this work I also enter the @nftshowroom contest that celebrates 10.000 art sold in NFT Showroom. My plan was to do this at the last minute, but as you can see, I failed as the deadline is still so far away. October 21st. So there's plenty of time for you to enter the contest too.

You can find the Metamorphoship in NFT Showroom.

Can't wait to see my co-operation with Hjemmet magazine from 1969. At least that's what I think happened here. Co-operation. People wiser than me know if this was a co-op or just a one-sided thing. Hjemmet magazine from 1969 controlling my brain and hands to make art. If that was the case, we can just hope it's intentions are malicious.

I mean aren't, of course, aren't.

Just look at those eyes.

 last year  

This is really fun!

Thanks! It was fun doing it. Despite of all the hair pulling. :D

Well done, I am also doing #inktober this year (happy to say I've stuck with it thus far) only I'm not using the prompts this year, just my own. I've also strayed away from just the traditional black and white and added coloured ink, albeit digitally.

This is really amazing and I'm so loving the animation added to nft and cyrptoart. I've made a few pieces a sold a couple, but I always end up down the traditional still route, maybe in November I should make it a challenge to make more animated art.

Again this is really amazing and I like the magazine inspiration, I'm obsessed with old mags and currently reading through some Depression era 1930's American home type magazines.

Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear that you like it. :)

Sometimes just the smallest rules are too suffocating, but then again I think that Inktobers primary purpose is to give inspiration so if there's any drawing involved with any medium, then I think Inktobers purpose is fulfilled and we all should be happy. And I also think that if the art starts to take you to certain direction, you should just do what it says because: art. :D

I love your pieces! And I don't think it especially needs animating because I love still images too. Unless of course you get an inspiration, or want to just try it out, then go for it. But as I love the art that you've published, I don't think that you should change anything. Your work is amazing!

Old magazines are so cool. I haven't read the articles in Hjemmet because it's really hard to understand Norwegian with my Swedish skills that aren't that good, but the images alone are really captivating. The ads, drawings, photos, everything! It's so fascinating and I'm happy that you get my enthusiasm, fellow old magazine reader! :)

!discovery 30

Thank you! :)

Animated GIF posts win

You seem so sure of that.

its true

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!

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