Hiroshige Satta Pass Framed Yui - Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido

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Bought three Japanese wood block prints the other day for 25 cents. I know . Right. twenty five cents!?!? it was one of those charitable ladies for local hospital types of rummage sale. You never know what you will find.




The woodblocks prints were aesthetically brilliant. From subtle hues of gradient color to the delineation of line. The compositions had such grace and balance. The cliffside vista one in particular led the eye on a journey from foreground to an amazing depth of mt. Fuji sweeping like the wind across to the sailboats then back to the people that populated transversing the cliff. Perfect.



Did an hours worth of research and landed with success upon it being Hiroshige’s Satta Pass Framed Yui - from his Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido. This copy could potentially be an earlier copy as it is without the red censor stamp nor does it have the commentary. I noticed that it had details that other pressings did not have. For example the details of forest ranges on mt. Fuji.


The only other copy i found without commentary is held by an australian museum of art.


There are many many versions of Hiroshige’s masterpiece work. Each time its slightly different for each pressing would contain variables of color and technique. Look at the wide variety of color schemes. Variations on a theme.


Here is the same locale in modern times.



Mt. Fuji from above
Here is Yui Satta pass coordinates

Hope you have enjoyed my art inspired research!
See you next time my fellow alien art hive block chain enthusiasts!