Vol 3 of the Norma Jeane and James Dougherty Photo booth photo discovery

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The entanglement with the gravity’s rainbow project is evident. It is my conclusion that she had been assassinated due to her nearly disclosing what she knew about area 51 and time travel. However this video is an expose on transparency overlay comparisons between the two batches i discovered and acquired and the known photographs of james and norma jeane during those years 1940-1943. The photomatic photos utilize the ferrotype chemical process of tintypes i need to find out if should have horizontally flipped them before applying the overlay.
I am giving Bonhams another go. They would be the most obvious institue to auction these american treasures off. I experienced such disregard and negate from that first person i contacted through bonhams it was unbelievable, i am 100% confident on this claim. It is underwhelming to think i will have to send these off to a baseball card verification place full of folk trained in the art of not seeing. Hmmm. Maybe i speak out of line. As i said before this may be a neurological reality tunnel issue, robert anton wilson utilizing the research of timothy leary. We all see things rather unique is the gist of it. Or perhaps a mandela effected artifact caused by the tesla trump titor time manipulation. Each jump causing subtle yet noticable changes ….barenstain bears vs bernstein bears. Or the whole luke i am your father. Look up the works of ingersoll lockwood and there is baron trumps underground voyage and the last president. Lastly i have to be able to admit that this may be signs of a deteriorating facial recognization pattern recognization part of my brain due to the many exasperating years of chronic lyme disease that had nearly destroyed me ten years back.

Let me know your opinion. I have enjoyed making this video. It took me much longer than other projects of mine. The music is all original compositions some off the latest jazzresin LP called ‘flipside soundtracks’

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