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The name Noel means Christmas. As Christians, we celebrate it every 25th of December, which is the birth of Jesus Christ. In Latin, Noel means "birthday". The name Noel is just so perfect for a Christmas chibi character. ^_^

Character Inspiration

The inspiration for this character is, of course, Christmas! Mainly the dominant color of the holiday is red and green. In the process of creating this chibi, I thought of the familiar faces of Christmas such as a snowman, reindeer, and gingerbread. I also put decorations such as Christmas balls, a mini Christmas tree, and a candy cane. Fact, I have never seen real snow, hehe!

Character Story

It is the most wonderful time of the year~ Don't you agree? Noel is in her festive spirit whenever Christmas is coming! She got her two buddies, snowman and gingerbread to celebrate the holiday! Oh, isn't that a nice scarf?

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You made me hum the moment I read the title!
Noel, noel.

Yes indeed a festive season as a few days before Christmas!

Oh, I do not know that song though 🤣 Have some !Pizza ate Lhes!

Another adorable chibi!! I live seeing your imaginative creations.

Your collection is growing huge, that's so awesome Jiji 🥰🎄

Thank you, Ema, for always supporting me! 🥺 !Pizza

Noel so kawaii!

Thank you, Clo! You are more kawaii!

 2 months ago  

I can't believe it's almost Christmas :0

Time flies so fast! Take care always, Juls!❤️🎄

Ilang days na lng pala and its christmas. Love thi chibi. Feel na feel na ung pasko.

It is just around the corner! Thanks, Blue! Have some !PIZZA


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Ang cutieee!!!

she's covered with christmas lights 😬 that's gotta be literally hot, so cute! first look it thought it was jiji on raindeer. oh wells noels.

It is Noel, haha! I already have my Christmas chibi.😀