Calendar cover 2021

My wife demanded that I made a new front cover for her 2021 calendar, so I immediately created this. The hieroglyphs means Pussy Power, although my wife prefer Pussy Beams or something... There are beams on the drawing, but with the hieroglyphs I went with the mainstream.

The style is American Art Deco, which were inspired by Egyptian, Aztec and Maya art.




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Very impressive and neat work! Great!

Your wife is very tolerant, but then it seems anything goes in Denmark. Not that I am against nude art. Can't say a drawing was exploited.

I guess the tolerants are your two daughters. In the family I am considered moderate, so in this I am simply living up to the expectations of the customer. She was talking about Gustav Klimt and I know she likes Art Deco so I went in that direction.

It is actually an interesting thing to consider how the puritan Christian religion and the body positive art of the Greek and Roman has survived side by side through out history. Victorian times are known for strict morality, but the art was full of beautiful, sensual nude people.

Umm, whatever that will appease her anyway.