A lovely line and an amazing illustration. There might be a time , not too far off, when we'll all be tending the dandelions, their greens make a wonderful vitamin rich salad, weeds might seem like dinner, funnyole' world. @katharsisdrill

Back in the seventies the dandelion growing through the asphalt was a symbol of the local hippies, like the wild, free and despised outsider who works right through the black tar stinking conformity :)

These days you call children who come from bad, abusive families, but still against all odds become emphatic, caring and successful human beings dandelion-children. Probably for the same reason.

The Italians who know about what is good has been using them in small doses in salads for ages :)

How nice to have been a part of this!! Is that a shakuhachi flute I hear?

Definitely the shakuhachi vibe.

She must have been busy in my garden as there are loads of dandelions. I lost the war with them long ago. I do still pick the flowers and seed heads off to try and slow them down a bit.


She is busy in many gardens. Here we have a few farmers who grow them to make healthy dandelion juice.

It is a nice artwork, it shows that the old lady is wise and patient, and even in old age she knows her job well. Inspirational work.

She knows it very well! She is standing in her neighbour's garden :)

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