That really is a great title for this. I see nothing threatening in the larger being, it looks benevolent to me, offering gifts (bottom figure's arm is gorgeous), innocent really. On my first glance at the human(oid?) I thought it afraid, at second glance it just seems astonished, but third glance and I see it is doing nothing to protect itself. Really interesting use of disparities, provokes deeper inspection. I feel an insurrection of personal being, like maybe insurrection is not such a bad thing. Nice piece of work!!!

When I made it I really didn't think of any meaning, but it does contain plenty of possibility for interpretations and meaning. As usual I thought up the name in the last minute, probably the connection between the different classical/baroque elements and the US Capitol gave me the idea. Making titles was my first real artistic work with language, and I have my special associative techniques :) Keeping it multidimensional and equivocal is an important part of it.