Slowly getting back into drawing. Here's another strange dream from one of my many imaginary worlds. Norn the mechanical God. Thought it would be fitting here in the Alien Art Hive.




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Welcome back to the platform, man! Good to see you and good to see your illustration has only improved since you were gone!

Thanks, mate!

Wow, just checked back in on this post and it's still blowing up! How do you do so well on Hive? I know I'm no slouch myself, but way more people are seeing your posts and I'd love to step up my game.

To be honest - I haven't got a clue. I have been here for a long time, sometimes I succeed in participating by giving comments to other peoples post, sometimes I haven't got the surplus energy and only comment on my own posts when people write. I have gotten some really good friends here who supports me and have HP and they are the main stock, but the extra votes... I don't know.

I try to be entertaining and make quality posts every time, but I follow my own nose and doesn't try to please... So I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. My best guess is that I use a lot of time (like here) to write thorough comments and in that way have managed to connect to people.

I could probably use to spend more time in other sections of Hive commenting like you say. I kind of exclusively hang out in the comics section and there's a lot more out there than just that, haha

Yes, maybe. I am not exactly which things that do a difference, but I guess getting round and about is a good bet.

A mechanical god. That is a strange dream, a paradox - a non-living god. Or does it have life but is mechanized, cyborg-esque? The lighting gives it breath. Encapsulated, it seems to me, or imprisoned, in some sort of display. In any event, very intriguing drawing!

When the civilisations were young a statue covered in gold in the bottom of a dark grotto or ancient tempel room was enough to scare anybody with its uncanny humanity and dead eyes. Imagine how a mechanical God, an automata from a circus would awe and terrify such people. A rather depressing thought actually, but most of my things seem to go in that direction lately. I will need my Dark Katharsisdrill aspect to post all those gruesome things :)

It's a great job, quite contemplative both from the perspective of the robot and from outside of it, I liked it.

outstanding. Norn is a cool god I would love to here more about already! :)

Well, I promise I will add some more lore about his gruesome empire.

Never hurts to buy a Norn a !BEER

Thanks, mate!

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Awesome artwork! Thanks for sharing!!!