The Patriarch Is getting the hell out

Another Katharsisdrill painting. It looks like an Eastern European children’s book illustration from the seventies, and obviously add to the Russian themed things in my head… I suppose it is a sister to this work.


The Patriarch Is getting the hell out


High resolution file:



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this is awesome, I love it!
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Thanks, mate.

I looked at it for 10 minutes, is there an emerald grandfather with an oar swimming? Or am I fantasizing so much!? hah

Probably easier to see the details in the high resolution version:

(press the image to open the big one)

But, a Patriarch is in a boat getting the hell out. Strange horses, Northern light and some Malevich monk in the background.

This is super cool and trippy!

Thanks, mate.

Yes, now, when I opened the big picture, I sat for another 15 minutes looking at the drawing, saw a horse in the frost and now I see a bearded page with Malevich. It was interesting to look at the drawing, and the colors are very harmoniously matched. Thanks for sharing!

I wonder where the oarsmen shall travel? Is there a safe harbour in this current world :) Well, if one takes the advice of my 'three sisters' then time is a circle and if we look across that round line we can see into the past when it was good and it will, merry go round it's way back around one day.

Safe sailing , good seas and a strong tail wind to you @katharsisdrill

Yes, that is the question. Will there even be a remote forest bank where he can drag up his boat, find a lonely place and become a hermit? Hope fully he'll meet the three sisters so he can go native like Tolstoy dreamed of.

Good winds to you too :)

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Looks like the boat will be able to overtake the horses soon. This is so cool.

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