Pink sensations and deep eyes - Mixed media illustration

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I like to express feelings with my illustrations, this time I think this one has a touch of fun but also a bit of nostalgia, so it´s like a colorful mix of both sensations. Or at least you can say that she´s an "aesthetic" girl, hehe. And happy new year btw!!!

Me gusta expresar sentimientos con mis ilustraciones, esta vez creo que esta tiene un toque divertido pero también un poco de nostalgia, así que es como una mezcla colorida de ambas sensaciones. O al menos se puede decir que es una chica "aesthetic", jeje. Y feliz año nuevo por cierto!!!

This is one of my drawings initially made for creative drawing challenges. However, today I decided to take the original drawing (made with crayons and markers, as I usually do) and transform it digitally, taking advantage of the fact that I´m learning to use my graphic tablet.

Este es uno de mis dibujos inicialmente hechos para desafíos de dibujo creativo. Sin embargo, hoy decidí tomar el dibujo original (hecho con crayones y rotuladores, como suelo hacer) y transformarlo digitalmente, aprovechando que estoy aprendiendo a usar mi tableta gráfica.

I hope you like this experiment.

Next: I'm gonna do my first fully digital illustration, I think it's time :).



I like the kind of manga style she has, but with a little bit of realism in it. This was fun to make!


By Fernanda Rojas @kitzune

Thanks for reading!
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This was the original version, that I made in 2019:

image_6487327 (1).JPG


It would be cool to see the before digitization and after. I think this turned out really nice. It has your style but takes on a different look than your usual stuff. Good to see you back. Happy New Year! =)

Happy new year! Thank you :) you’re right!! I thought I should add the original to compare, but since you mention it I'll add it here haha. It’s not entirety different but it does have a lot of changes with the colors, outlines and texture 😁


This one looks great, but your digital one pops more and Pink Sensations is a great title! Keep up the great work and thanks for the response with the original artwork. Super cool

Thanks you!!! Yep, I think so too :D. I´ll keep up!!

Yay! =) Cheers

I love it :)

Thank you so much!! ❤️

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Thank you so much!!💗

El degrade del cabello es preciosooo! Lo imagino en un cuadro, en una t shirt, en un bag ❤️❤️❤️ todos los pequeños detalles (especialmente las estrellitas) son loveables ///∆///

¡Me encanta que te guste tanto! Muchísimas gracias 💗💗

¡Hi! Excelente trabajo con la tableta gráfica. Realmente tiene un rostro muy expresivo que nos llena de sensaciones. Los colores son preciosos y todo el dibujo está muy bien logrado. Muy creativo y hermoso. Saludos.


¡Maravilloso momento para crear!

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Wonderful time to create!

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Muchas gracias 💜