Two New NFT Minted at NFTShowroom "Alice and Emi sisters in mp4

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Hello. Wishing everyone a great weekend ahead! May you have plenty of time to relax, spend time with loved ones, and do the things that bring you joy. :)


Raindrops on her hair,
With a smile that knows no bounds,
Happiness abounds.


Amidst the pouring rain,
A girl stands with pure joy, knowing
Ultimate bliss now.

update: buy one sis get other as gift ;) @mfarinato appreciate for support!

I used some cool AI technologies to create this, my own exclusive and sophisticated prompt, then Starryai for the final rendering, and combined and refined the images in Photoshop. The end result is something truly unique and cannot be copied.


Excellent outputs! Best wishes on your NFT sales!

Just amazing the work you do... i really like it...and thank you so much for the gift 😍