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After reading the announcement for DefiDojo a few days ago I decided to grab a pack of cards and test the site out.

Today I'm going to go over DeFiDojo, a new demonstration project on Hive-Engine and TribalDex.

You can find the official release post here.

What is DefiDojo?

From the official press release...

Defidojo is a demonstration project of and Defidojo uses the packmanager contract to create packs of cards that can then be purchased, opened, and the NFTs inside of them can be traded. The packmanager contract itself is opensource. The defidojo source code for the front end of the website is opensource as well. You can now use both to get your collections in order, weight them for how they'll open up, and then turn them into packs which can be traded or opened, and once opened the NFTs can be traded on the market.

Since I'm always interested in learning about new projects, I decided to purchase a pack of cards and see how the site runs.

Let's Buy a Pack!


First thing you'll do is head over to
Here you'll see a basic homepage with a few options.

Step One : Buy Packs


Once you click buy packs you'll be sent to the purchase screen. Here you can select how many packs to buy. There's also plenty of ways to pay including PayPal and crypto. I had a few HIVE in the bank so decided to purchase my first pack with that. $2 a pack is a steal.


You can quickly pay with HIVE if you have the keychain installed on your browser.


Purchasing a pack was quick and painless. Within minutes you should see the pack in your wallet on hive-engine. The token is called DOJO if you are looking for it in your wallet.

Time to Open the Cards


Since the app is a demonstration, there really wasn't much excitement to opening the cards. No flashy animations or sounds yet. No biggy. Let's see what cards I got.


**Awww Sh!t I struck GOLD on the first card I opened!!! **

Here's a closer look at each card I received...






Not bad for a first pull. 1 GOLD common, 3 regular commons, and 1 epic card!

A Closer Look at the Cards


When you click on a card you are brought to a screen with more info about the card including its ID, Team, Rarity, and Foil Type. You can put the card up for sale on this page.

Initial Thoughts on DefiDojo

So far so good. I understand what they're going for and this should be a really exciting project. I plan on following its development closely.

Who knows, maybe I'll have to launch a set of cards on this site as well. I've always dreamed of creating my own deck of cards.


Maybe DefiDojo can team up with Splinterlands Card Maker and we can get some wild new card ideas out there!

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Is this a play2earn game under development?

It's more of an NFT trading platform than a game I think. You can create your own card packs and sell them on this site. It's definitely still in development though. More info can be found here -