Hidden Truths- Story Series 6

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6th in the Story Series is called Hidden Truth
and is about beauty and the potential that is activated in times of change.


I tokenized Creative Sexuality on Rarible, 4 editions for .17 eth each.


Here’s my interpretation of this piece, but like all stories is subjective to my perspectives, so please take what you want and leave the rest.

I offer the covid-19 virus with a bouquet of flowers. Even though the virus has caused much pain and brought about much change, there’s another side of it. There are processes at work here that are not completely visible and there is a beauty in that. The beauty is in the opportunity to think about things in different ways. To look for that which is not visible easily. In gaining expanded perspectives, feedback loops are activated, which influence behavior.

The beauty is in the opportunity to think about things in different ways.

We are all vulnerable during these times. Be easy, be gentle, but take risks. Play the game of looking for a different perspective to entertain. Since our "normal" is changing, we have the opportunity to shape the new "normal". But in order to do that we have to take some risks, apply some abstract and creative thinking, which starts with the often Hidden Truth of our own personal power to do so,


Butt Prints Painting (fun, mess, using what I’ve got)
Tears (less pronounced emotion)
Eyes looking away (gentle, timid message, look over there, distract)
Annie V (regeneration, incubation, life & pleasure)
Little Covy (virus that was a catalyst for global change)
Flowers (beauty, the best of life, natural processes, sexual awakening)
Implied nude (vulnerability, a hidden truth)

Pieces included in Creative Sexuality:


Butt Prints - Acrylic on canvas. 2020.
Made with the love painting which was the subject of my first nfts. Made pressing my butt covered in paint on the canvas.


Annie V - Vinyl on metal. 2020.
Artistic representation of my lady parts. Original & stickers available.


Little Covy - Vinyl on metal. 2020.
Artistic representation of the Covid-19 virus. Stickers available.


Photos : 2020 Uruz & Flowers photo session. Flowers from my garden & headshot from 2017.


Buy the piece on Rarible:


About the Series:


Everything I create is done spontaneously & intuitively. This allows me to reflect on the work afterwards and dig in to find what my and the collective unconscious is communicating.

This collection represents my artistic expression for the past two years. I created these pieces by layering, blending and editing multiple original photos. Repurposing my physical art and modeling photos. Reinventing my past work is an evolution for me as an artist and it allows me the chance to tell the story, highlighting how all the pieces weave together.

I’m releasing the series in 2 parts. The finished pieces on Rarible. https://app.rarible.com/polyannie/onsale

And elements of the pieces on the NFT Showroom as limited reproduction rights unlockable photo sets.

Everything I’m presenting was made by me almost entirely from my mobile device. Being able to work and create from mobile opens more possibilities and I hope inspires others with limited resources to do the same.

Eth earned from these pieces will be kept in crypto. I’m going to be exploring & experimenting with staking Hex, Dai and will continue to buy Hot.

Hive earned I’m keeping in hive to buy art, support others and continue onboarding efforts.

About the artist:

Multidisciplinary Artist & Live Streamer, PolyAnnie weaves her intuitive creativity into a living documentary, boldly paving the way forward into new economies through creating empowered art that’s expressed through many mediums: adhesive vinyl mosaics, erotic abstract expressionist paintings, prop manipulation (hula hoop & fire dance), music, nsfw content creation, dance & fashion design.

Physical Art

Crypto Art


LiveStreams & Videos
Bigo- PolyAnnie



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