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The Real Superheroines of Hive Valley

americana 01.png

A new chapter of Real Superheroines is launching now!

Time for Miss Victory to get some camera time. It's been forever since she killed that vampire and had her swimsuit destroyed by Bloody Mary's death throe.

This promises to be a boring, uneventful chapter as she gives a keynote speech at Liberty College in Hive Valley.

The Real Superheroines of Hive Valley is a webcomic about a reality television show following the lives of seven public domain superheroines that all live together in the same mansion in the elite community of Hive Valley.

You can read the series from the beginning ---> HERE.

Drawn in Clip Studio Paint Pro on a Surface Pro 4. Here is the time lapse video:


I resonate with her message!

I'll drink to that !BEER

Ohhhh my, i am in love.

Pencil me into the audience with a poster saying "MARRY ME"

Oh, I already drew the next panel with the crowd shot. You'll have to decide which one is you. You should probably go with the blurry background person.

I can still dream about such a woman.
I know i am not in her league... Which league is she in? Not the Justice League...

but you know, i can still dream.

She's in the American League!

Freedom can be interpreted in different ways.

I bet this won't stay boring for long, unless you are taking a totally new direction.


Sundays are always a little sad
but the day before is a sadder day.

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