Phantom Lady, Pin-Up

in Alien Art Hive2 months ago

phantom girl pin-up.png

Another pin-up from The Real Superheroines of Hive Valley. I just imported the 3D background from the Clip Studio Paint 3D backgrounds. You can actually spin the room around, which is tricky, sometimes you end up with a wall in the face of the camera.

Then there's a Gradient Erase tool that I used to wipe away some of the ink and color layer of the legs and gradually erase it up.

Here is the time lapse video:



Look at the fun-bags on that crumpet!

and that background, that is totally cheating! :thumbsup:

Whoa! You can't use that kind of language unless you're an English Wizard. Harry Potter, for example, is a notorious hound.

This one turned out super cool!

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