Digital painting attempt! Day 1

in Alien Art Hive2 years ago

Hello you Creative community, I have always wanted to learn digital drawing and painting, and now, I'm trying something on Adobe draw for mobile phone!

Few months ago I tried draw myself and the results were not that good!


Lately I decided to make another drawing of me, watching some tutorials to learn how to use the Adobe draw app and started sketching!


The sketch is not done yet, but I wanted to share with you what I'm doing hoping to receive some tips from the community!

I've been working on this drawing for 6days now and still learning how to use shading and highlight!


Wow, for one that is just starting I think it's awesome. I find this picture ver well done!

Aww, thanks! Which one you found better?

For me it's clear that the last one is the most elaborated! 😉

What about now?! (just finished it)

Copy of Project - Drawing 11632348192773020801.png

¡Great! 👍😉