Itadori sukuna, the king of curses!

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Yoooo everyone! What a lovely community!! So much talented people here, I didn't even know that such huge community of creative people exit! I came across few posts with art and followed the tags to reach here! So without any further ado, here's something I made today!

I'm Muslim, so I'm fasting now and it's Sunday! I shouldn't supposed to wake up too early, but I did! So, I thought to fill this empty time with drawing!
Therefore I decided to drew a character of the epic anime Jujutsu no Kaisen, Itadori sukuna!
As always I started with making few path lines as a base of my drawing, this step is very important to me because I keep focusing on the shape of the face!

Next I start correcting and deleting anything that looks odd to me! This way, I leave only the lines that I would need later!IMG_20210418_141707.jpg
After that, I start outlining my drawing to see if it's good enough for the next step or not!IMG_20210418_141721.jpg
Time to add some hair to the drawing, which is honestly the most exhausting step for me, I struggle with hair and hands, they never look right to me, but I'm trying my best!IMG_20210418_141746.jpgIMG_20210418_141822.jpg
The last steps are here, and now I add some details to the hair to make it look better, as well as adding some shadows, the shading step is the most important step, because it gives a life to your sketch!IMG_20210418_141842.jpgIMG_20210418_141912.jpg

So the final result will be something like this!