SHE ART Exbition Opening Tomorrow in Cryptovoxels! My Art, SCREAM Is In It!

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SHE ART Exhibition Opening

Cryptovoxels:[email protected],6U,351S
September 11, 2020
17.00 BST | 12.00 ET | 09.00 PT
Punk-rock inspired music by DJ MsAdventure on the roof terrace

I’m extremely humbled to be included in the SHE ART Exhibition which kicks off tomorrow at 12:00 EST USA time. This exhibit happened super fast like everything else in crypto. Here's how I was lucky enough to be included in this exhibit.

I saw a tweet by Madame Bitcoin:

I was like Hell Yeah!

(background story: I spent most of my youth and well into adulthood holding back and thinking I wasn't good enough. I still have this complex, but I am forcing myself to participate in anything that I truly value. Now, I am kind of the opposite, as I am old AF and realize that life will pass me by if I hold back.)

I jumped on the Discord server and let a few others know about it too. I found out that a number of key instigators were planning a WOCA (Women of Crypto Art) exhibition, and I did not want to miss out. I think this is the very first WOCA exhibit, of all time.

Well, I barely made it, I think I was one of the last artists to get in. It all happened so quickly, I didn't realize which other artists were already in, but once I had a chance to look around the gallery, I almost fainted.....there was Josie Bellini’s latest art, Forward Together which I think sold for around $16K on Nifty Gateway.

Here’s a sneak peek of it in the exhibit (Josie's art is on the left):
We are not supposed to share the artwork of the exhibit since it's not technically open until tomorrow, but for those of you who have low bandwidth and can't see it, here is a sneak peek:

SHE ART Exhibition

And then I saw Gala Mirissa’s art and so many other talented cryptoartists whom I have met recently including @jilt @hiddenblade and @barbarabezina. If I missed you, comment below! I am trying to get this article out quickly, so I don’t have enough time to properly research everyone who is in this show.

Here’s the announcement from Angie Taylor who organized and created the show in Cryptovoxels:

Excited to announce the opening of our SHE ART Exhibition Friday the 11th September at 17.00 BST | 12.00 ET | 09.00 PT | There'll be punk-rock inspired music by DJ MsAdventure on the roof terrace & great art a plenty! Join us for a top party #sheart[email protected],6U,354S

Here’s Angie’s tweet about the exhibit:

The SHE ART Exhibition was organized by Angie Taylor who is an artist and educator who spends most of her time creating sculpture and animation in VR. She is an active artist in the crypto art community, with most of her work being on Super Rare.
Angie Taylor's website:
Work site:

See my @nftshowroom cryptoart, titled, SCREAM in the SHE ART Exhibit tomorrow by going here:[email protected],6U,351S

Here's a sneak peek of Angie Taylor adding my art to the Exhibit (i'm still very excited about this! My cryptoart, SCREAM is on the far wall):


See you there!


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Thanks for mentioning me and for letting me know we are with Josie Bellini for this exhibition, that's a boom girl! I'm so proud of what we have done over the year, this wouldn't be possible without a continuiti in effort and cooperation, you rock stella :)

Hopefully the first of many! So happy you were able to get your artwork in! It was an amazing event. :D

yeah i was really lucky! Thanks for your comment, i am following you now

Thanks for the follow! I haven't done much here yet. I totally mucked up converting some ETH to HIVE and haven't done much else since. But, it's on my list!

omg! i can maybe save you a lot of headaches. I use Blocktrades, as this is a Witness on hive, and has been here building the community since 2016:

You can convert ETH to Hive in a swap. It's similar to uniswap......
let me know if you have any questions.

That a good kind of exhibition like she art and organise to people can join and learning the whole experience of crypto art.

Congrats! You really deserve this. 🙌😎🏆

wonderful...😀 interesting, you people are doing great... artists 🤗