The Lord of Games miniature design

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Hey, thanks for stepping by.
I continue with more nightmarish evil creatures. After the Lovecraftian Great Old One's I am going back to some more infernal, hellish demons.

The Lord of Games


Lord of Games is the great archduke of hell. His grotesque form perfectly reflects his personality. He is a great manipulator and loves to exploit weaker beings in his cruel games. Even hell has its own order, but this demon is a poor loser and has been known to bend the rules, often incurring the wrath of his infernal brethren.








Modeled and rendered in Blender
Thank you for your time!


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You make some very interesting character models! Great job and thanks for sharing here with us.

Hey thanks mate. I appreciate that. I love it here. I am really looking forward to see how hive will grow as a technology.

Yes, it's been an interesting journey to get here since my start in 2017... and things are looking bright for the future of Hive. Cheers!

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