Inner Voices #001 - Imprisonment

People have often told me that YOU are your own worst enemy. Have you ever felt trapped and abused by your own mind? This series focus on exploring the subconscious mind, intrusive thoughts and mental health through 3d art.

Frame 54


Frame 105


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This one turned out really nice. I think it might be one of my favorites of yours so far. The subject is translated well from the stills but even more so with the animation. I think we could all probably relate in some form or fashion. Thanks for sharing here in the community and keep up the great work.

Yes! This piece is a bit different from the rest of my work because I was focusing more on the message rather than aesthetic.

Well, i think you were quite successful on both ends! Bravo!

What a great idea to portray the self-destructive sides of the mind in such a fantastic way. Also very well done, the still and the animated version.
I like it very much!

Did you create this beautiful artwork in Blender?

Thank you for the kind comment! Yes, most of my work was done in Blender.

Wow, disturbing and beautiful at the same time. You tackled the topic in an unique way and still and animation vibrate with a deep sense of unease (which I like, as the topic is nasty too) Creating art which rouses intense feelings is in my eyes always great.

To be honest, I showed this piece to some of my friends and they didn't really get it. Not many people like to look at something so dark and evocative. I really appreciate your kind words.

I am mostly much more touched by darker (or I would phrase more meaningful) art and yours is really an important topic. But you are not alone, my friends are also perplexed about the ideas (for art) I have and find them strange... I am not sure if some people really do not have these darker moods, thoughts etc or if they only more successful repress them.

It sometimes does feel just like that ... well done!