The Demon's Offer to Eat the Psychiatrist

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Don't worry; they spit him out again and made him forget it ever happened; but it was still a horrifying experience.


Not sure if that is the storyline I will go with; hehe. This is part of series of digital illustrations based on on a child who looses her sight and has visions. The Psychiatrist decides she needs to be medicated; of course.

I am not saying I am anti-psychiatry; I am not. But one can be pharmaceutically abused; one psychiatrist told me this and eventually helped me get off psych medications entirely.

Previous images I have shared on this series are as follows.

FacesInDark (2).jpg
A young girl is losing her sight, and she sees such horrifying faces in the dark she cannot sleep.


Her teacher is mean to her. She doesn't understand that the girl cannot see and is exhausted from lack of sleep; she just sees her as a bad kid that needs to be punished.

You would be surprised how common this is; both the visions in children losing their sight and the misunderstandings of adults.

Still unsure of the direction I am going. I will first finish the story then I will clean up the images and perhaps create an NFT picture book with higher res images.

Unsure if I will sell them cheap or release them as one nft with full publishing rights. I will just continue the journey for now I guess.


Dude! These are super badass. I love the textures! Thanks for sharing them here with us. Let the journey continue! hahaha

Thank you; I used DP Textiles from Gumroad. I might have used some brushes from @jungwatercolor; will double check before I publish

JungWatercolor has some incredible art too! I really just think you nailed these... no matter what techniques or tools you used! j/s

Thank you There are some beautiful textured procreate brushes. Some come with procreate but others you can purchase.

I need to look more into this procreate....

Oh I miss @jungwatercolor I hope she returns. Maybe if I was more present on instagram I'd see her, I feel I've seen her on there.

Firstly, the title is epic, I love that.
I'll not say much about psychiatry and the 'science' of it all but if many knew it's origins and history, well, let's say, I think monsters eating up a few might not be so bad for humankind haha.
I love when art can help us through things and often, as artists, we create things that are almost sort of leaked bits of truth that seem to be free floating and find their way to our hands. Well done. @twirble

I saw the first one on Insta, i really like it! 👍💗

lovely work. Nice concept for the story too : )