Studio Update #103 - Glazing ceramic plates and Questing for Stoken

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red, white, black, and white underglaze applied to these plates made by Aaron Becker.


The glaze I applied is Iron Lustre. I will go over this with clear glaze to augment the bumps left behind by the underglaze. It should be smooth when they are done so that food doesnt get stuck in the bumps when these plates are used.

I havent been painting but I really need to paint. I am writing this update to remind myself. There is an art fair coming up.

Quest for stoken is coming along. It is insane how far I have come on this game. When I get something to work it feels so good like landing a skate trick taken 100 tries.


The space level is now level 2 after you go into the rocket ship.

I animated a 360 flip for the jump attack but i will also consider using this animation for a choose(s_player_kickflip, s_player_treflip) second jump animations.

360 flip.gif

I figured out how to code the bonfires to kill the enemies when the bonfire is lit but i still have to figure out how to ONLY have them damage the enemy when the specific instance of the fire is lit and not have all the bonfires on the screen turn deadly even when they are not lit.

burn the aliens.gif

the kickflip second jump works perfectly now as i fixed the code.

    sprites_array[states.JUMP] = s_player_kickflip;
    if image_index >= image_number - sprite_get_speed(sprite_index)/room_speed{
        image_index = 4;

if on_ground() {
    jumps = jumps_initial;
    if jumps < 2 kickflip = true;

You will have to try the game and see for yourself!

quest for stoken kickflip.gif


I asked @xvlad to play the game and he liked the game.

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 12.55.28 PM.png

he posted it on instagram. thanks vlad that was cool. also that tweet you wrote about it... thanks man.

Do you think gnars would fund a creative arts grant including quest for stoken?

what if i made a gnars boss in the pyramid?


inside the pyramid is getting kind of psychedelic.

Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 11.35.33 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 11.35.05 PM.png

matter is distored inside the pyramid so every mark on the screen leaves a tracer. This is done by not setting a background. I used tiles to cover up the rest of the background outside the pyramid so you only experience this inside the pyramid.

The chicago level now has a moving train and bus

traintracks cut out3.png

train cutout.png


new music for space levels one and two and new song for pyramid level.

the main character has been updated to look like the guy on the cover.

thank you @gnarip12345


theres an infinite amount of stuff to add but the game is getting close to being somewhat finished as a short game.

i might be able to add grind tricks to the game.

when i get it to a place i can stop working on it for a while I am going to port it for web and host it on my website for you guys to play so that you don't have to download Opera Browser.

quest for stoken 1.gif

quest for stoken 2.gif

quest for stoken 3.gif

quest for stoken 4.gif

play here:

people are still playing it every day. i hope that continues because it keeps me obsessed with adding to it.

Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 2.38.29 PM.png

i added an in-game QR code that links to the Skatehive discord!

Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 1.20.23 PM.png


I love it so much ! Keep grinding !

Dude, you are a badass! This is so cool.

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Please consider asking your friends to vote for prop #244 or consider unvoting the HBD stabilizer explained below.

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