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its been a while since a studio update. i guess i have been relishing the remaining weeks of warm weather, doing a bit of skateboarding and spending less time in the studio before fall.
fall is the season of art. the brisk air makes spending time under a warm work light seem inviting.

after getting back from my visit to new york, i had to stow away all the work that i recently had photographed. this really opened up the studio walls and made it feel more conducive to creating work. that feeling is the opposite of what is communicated through the photo below.


ive been working on a video game. i will do a post on that soon but that is causing me to loosen up a bit with the paintings. here are some paintings i started since i have been back. you might not like them but they are at an early stage and i do not think i will employ the use of tape with these.

big one with thinned out oil.


process shot of smaller one:


another process shot of a bigger one


i am working slow, and that is not good. i have been obsessed with making the video game. i am sure you are wondering about that.

i like how this one is coming along


aside from these i guess i could share a piece that i sold recently.


This painting is called Bird Riding Moose.


i had to make a crate to ship it, using 2x4s and plywood


actually i had to ship another painting to Hawaii. here is a photo of it in its box at the fed ex drop off location.

it arrived safe and i am waiting for the collector to send me a photo of the work hanging up in his remodeled house.

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 10.01.19 AM.png

oh! here is an update of another painting that is in progress, i think i shared a photo of this one after the first layer:


here is a close up of a big painting i was able to pull out and touch up to add more photos of on the website


perhaps that is all for now.
when i was in new york there was a video game exhibit there called Never Alone.

so its not a coincidence that i am working on a game right now. i have always wanted to. it is a synchronicity.

ive also been super active in discord, with the skatehive squad.
we are working on launching a hive tribe and token where the video game will be playable.
fine, here is a screen shot of the game

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 10.07.46 AM.png


That game sounds and looks awesome. Looking forward to hearing more about it! Glad art season is about to begin! hahaha cheers bro and good luck on the tribe!

thank you! im following a tutorial to make the game but i am almost to the point where all the coding of the engine is done and i can start playing around with designing the levels and stuff so that will take time but it will be fun and is a productive way for me to "game" i used to play video games every night but that was kind of out-sourcing a lot of my consciousness. this at least i will have something to show for, after putting hundreds of hours into it like i have with playing video games.