Studio UPDATE # 99 - Making a video game called QUEST FOR STOKEN

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this studio update is going to be devoted to my progress on the video game.

video games are art, that is well known. when i was five years old i remember wanting to make video games when i grew up.
i ended up going into fine art because i wanted to enjoy my work, and i didn't want to go through the process of going to school to learn code.
when i was 17, i just went with that was immediately available and at that time it was playing rock and roll and making paintings.

Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 9.37.59 PM.png

i tried messing with game maker in 2015 and ended up making a cool maze game. i was using their modular building mode where you don't have to learn the semantics of computer code.

but this time i am writing out all the code line by line following a tutorial on Udemy.

i am changing the sprites from what was supplied for me with the tutorial.


it all takes time but its rewarding to see it all come together.
Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 9.38.24 PM.png

watch out for vax needles
that fly out from the walls with the pfizer logo spray painted on them.

here is our hero.
he is a primal.
a caveman who stumbles upon an ancient race of extraterrestrials.
i probably have to change the sword to something else.
maybe a broken beer bottle lol.

@stoken is the theme of the video game.
this is basically a @skatehive video game. my hope is that the game can be hosted on or whatever website we use for our hive tribe.

Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 9.45.43 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 9.45.21 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 5.45.05 PM.png






Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 1.53.00 PM.png

i went out for mexican food and across the street looked like something that should be in the video game.

lots of different levels of platforms.

i have to change the flying beetle enemy to something else.

Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 11.07.53 AM.png

the title screen is now a work in progress

Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 11.06.40 AM.png
the high score works. it save a little file of the high score on your computer. i am going to figure out how to have it save that data on our web server of our @skatehive @stoken Tribe page when we launch it. users will be logged in with their Hive accounts anyway, so i will have a global and personal high score saving system.
i want to pay users to play this game so i was thinking:
allow users to only play like 3 times every 24 hours.
high scores get compiled into an online leaderboards thing on the Tribe website, and every three days, the hive user with the highest score will get awarded pure stoken or Hive or a combination.
every three days that leaderboard resets and begins again. there could also be like an all time greatest score list too.
it would be cool too, to have like a hive bot go and leave a comment of the last 3 seconds of the persons gameplay and export it as a gif and comment on one of their posts lol.

here is a short gif of some of the particles generated when you pick up a stoken.

quest for stoken ani.gif

ive really noticed how much content is needed to make a great game. so far the game is still under 5MB in size which is crazy but that is probably because the dimensions of the game are 1440px x 390px

but when it runs, it runs in the browser and you can scale it to whatever size you stretch the browser to.

the game is coded for use with a USB controller too.

I want to get @gnarip12345 working on the game again with me so that we can start to tackle some of the objectives that would require us to figure out how to actually code instead of copy someone.

there are so many ideas but the ones i have written down are here:

  1. make something shoot up and down at you
  2. make the last four frames of the bonfire repeat after lighting it
  3. make the characters GUI image change the more damage he takes
  4. make the second jump a kickflip, and the trick for swinging the sword in the air a 360 flip
    5.make the pig cops noise the snorting sound from DOOM when he jumps
    6.track successive hits on enemies so it builds up a kind of special meter for when its full your sword is super powerful and increases knockback

it will be a while before i figure out how to do all these things.
maybe i will be an old man by the time it is done.
thats ok with me.

well that is all for the Quest For Stoken update.
soon i will have a youtube video to share, with gameplay, but for that, i will need to add sound which in itself is a WHOLE other thing. sound plays such an important role in games, and i look forward to adding all the little details.

webgnar footer fin.png


i have to change the flying beetle enemy to something else.

Switch it to a scooter kid hahahahaha!!!

Dude, I can't wait for the final game, looks like it's gonna be fucking dope! Stoked to read you're enjoying the process and learning a bunch of new stuff!