Medieval Archer

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Greetings Hive!!! Triz here!!

Very good afternoon dear community!!!

First of all I hope you are having a beautiful and productive weekend, yesterday I couldn't come to publish this work because I'm a bit busy but today I took some time.

Continuing with the theme of the last publication, here I show you the second design that they sent me to make for the project that I mentioned in the last post, at that time they told me to make a Medieval Archer and after doing a little research I started to make the designs relevant to pick one like the sketch.


Below are some of the images I saved while I was making this character, I hope you like them. 😘

Some images of the process

Step 1️⃣


  • After doing several positions this was the one I liked the most and I didn't save the sketch because I didn't remember it, then I started to save it to upload it here in Hive but I had already started to apply the colors.


Step 2️⃣


  • In this part I had better defined some things of the previous image, I also made the face... I worked some edges and details of the clothes and I also added that thing on the shoulders and down to the skirt that is like a quilting, I imagine that before they used that for convenience of the other things that had to be mounted on top.


Step 3️⃣


  • Here I started to give it depth and I added a texture on the ground that I got from, I added that barricade of spades with tip that are in front of him and I worked a little on the clouds.


Step 4️⃣


  • In the fourth step I started to define the background, and as I knew that they didn't want flat backgrounds but more epic things I started to make some warriors fighting each other... in the part of my character was already better defined, I changed a little the position by closing his legs and I also made the bow and arrow.


Step 5️⃣


  • And finally after defining better the lights and shadows to the archer and added some dead bodies on the floor I thought that my design lacked more people in battle so I added to the background the reinforcements to help win that battle.

Final result 😘

TrizDraw Medieval Archer.jpg

And that was all, I only retouched some very minimal things and my work was done, I showed them to the people who hired me and they had no complaints so my work on this design has come to an end... I hope you liked it and see you soon to show you the third design I did.


These are the last drawings 👉🏼😘👈🏼

 ❄ Ice Pixie

 😶 Portrait

 😬 Quora

 😋 Goblin Chef


Tell me, what did you think of all this? I would love to know your opinion.

Ohhh And if you have reached this point, I thank you very much for taking the time to read me 🤗🥰😉.

See you soon Hive 😏!

 7 months ago  

This project of yours seems pretty cool with all the warriors. In this artwork, i really like the guy at the bottom left and all the attention you put into the background. Great job and thanks for sharing with us.

Thanks to you for watching and supporting my work, I'm so glad you liked this and my other work based on this project... I hope the others to come will also be to your liking. 😘

Que genial te quedó. Cuando sea grande quiero ser como tú 🥺🥺

Apuesto que ya lo eres... soy una enana hehehehe

Gracias baby. 😘😘😘

Tu si eres unaaaaaa dura chama JAJA naaa esto esta super espectacular 😍😍😍

hehehehe no vale cariño, dura yo? me falta mucho camino que recorrer para realmente ser una dura... quizás algún día 🤔😜❤❤❤