Progress Report on my Sage Fan Art! ♥

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Hey everyone! I'm back with a progress report for my Sage fan art! ^^ Taking what ryivhnn said into consideration, I tried to adjust the position of the body, the gun and the face :> Well, it's very minimal because by the time I read his comments, I had already rendered most part of the body ;-; But I try!



I'm actually quite happy with my renders on the hand o.o I had no idea what I was doing at the time and just decided to add shadows on the fingers because I thought it'd make sense and it actually looks decent? >u< I tried to manipulate the face a bit to try to turn it a bit towards the viewers but I'm not sure how I did... Same with the body, I adjusted her chest a bit and moved the center of the body a bit to the right to make her turn towards the viewers a bit. Perspective really is not my strong suit.

I also added light on the face (will probably add more) because I felt that it was a bit too dark compared to the chest area. I love adding the light on the eyes at the end so my WIPs might look like her eyeballs are black and soulless but I swear I'll make sure it's not like that by the time I'm finished with it >u<

I also adjusted the body in general - made the upper body shorter because it looked a bit too long when I looked at it the next day x_x, adjusted her thigh area and made her bottom a bit higher because it felt a bit too low, oh! I also added a strand of hair on the left side of her head... Her previous hair looked a bit too tight so I added some loose hair.

That's pretty much everything I changed! ^^ I could've drawn more buuut Valorant sucks the life outta me x_x Also, I don't like forcing myself to draw because it usually ends up very potat >u< I'll be working on it again tomorrow with fresh eyes and hopefully I can improve it :>

I won't be putting my usual footer on this one because it's just a WIP >u<

All images were made by @kothy
All rights reserved


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That gun looks serious business XD and while that head angle still looks a bit uncomfortable from down here at least it now looks like there's a reason for it (maybe she's just shot someone to the side and is now turning her attention to you, nice knowing you other viewers XD)

The rendering looks like it's coming along great too :)

Thank you! ♥

That gun looks serious business

It's also looking very illogical because it's a rifle and she's holding it with one hand >u< (It's badass that way plus she's supposed to have powers soo I have an excuse XD)

Looking like there's a reason for the head angle? I'll take it >u<

The render is coming along nicely :00 And you're pretty good at perspective. At least better than myself, dont be too hard on yourself 😂

Thank you! ♥

Getting a pretty cool reference really really helps like a ton ;-;