Nigeria's Budget And Politics

Emmanuel Ikwuegbu

Nigeria's Budget And Politics

For sometime now, Nigeria has been going through a lot when it comes to the aspect of finance. Money has been scarce in the hands of those who worth the money but have been denied or they have been deprived of having their respective entitlement.

Nigeria brought out their budgets last year and goes a long way as to be a mess in some areas. The money they disbursed out is a huge amount of money but with this aspect, there are some people who can go the extra mile to sit on the little fund or budgets given to each state. The budgets were supposed to go to the very area allocated to, but the only thing we kept on seeing was just repairs. There is no harm repairing but coming out straight would have been better as this can be a way of making us trustworthy.

I spoke of trustworthiness, but in my country Nigeria, no one or politicians should be trusted as they have been making up hot stories in order for us to believe them all or to believe their evil deeds. Budget in Nigeria is not and cannot or was not or is not supposed to be called a budget but a gift to the person taking care of the state. This is how I saw it because the money allocated is not used in the proper way. Lying just to gain or to make money for yourself is not the best instead you just have to find ways to be plain and true to yourself. Although, we are all bound to lie in one way or the other.

Government is not trying in terms of checking the politicians. Although, the politicians are the government as they are there just for their selfish interest. No one is ready to do the right thing.

Budgets were supposed to be used for the development of the state instead of siphoning the national cake. We have all been saying that Nigeria will be better and will be just like other countries. My question now is how? And when?

We have incurred more debt than before. Before now, it was just minimal, but now it has become something else. My question now is… What and where is the money going to? What is the government using this money for?

I think I have one best answer to this. Do you know that politicians have their ways of taking out this money for themselves? The senators have been receiving a huge amount of money as their salaries. Those in the house of representatives have also been receiving huge amounts of money which are not supposed to be. Which work are they doing? They have sitting allowances, wardrobe allowances, vehicle and other kinds or third of allowances. All these are supposed not to be. Those who lecture them are receiving just a little salary.
Teachers are suffering while politicians and most especially those in the house of government are enjoying the brim. Recently, there has been an ASUU strike action which has been going on for over a year now. Just recently it was increased to another six months. This is a total mess. Teachers were supposed to be considered first before any other set up. This is because no one would attain or become great without the help of a teacher. Teacher has been neglected one way or the other.

Let's analyze something here: In the last primary elections, the money being pumped out was just too much. The two giant parties were spending money just like water. No one knows where they got their money from. Although we all believe that most of them have one way or the other stolen from the national cake.

Just one politician can pay the debt NIGERIA is owing. The rate at which money is being pumped out by the politicians is just alarming and I kept on wondering and pondering if this is their own money or a stolen fund.

When a poor man steals little money, the way he is treated would be quite different from those at the top. They will arrest them but make it a VIP arrest and after some time, they will be released. Is this government? Is this country? Is this fair?.

The politicians are enjoying it while the masses are suffering. Corruption has taken over the government house where everyone wants to take his or her share. Anyone who tastes the government house would not want to leave instead would want to remain in this same position until eternity.

There is supposed to be an avenue where the youths have to come into the government house instead of the same old cargoes. I think they are too old to rule but are not ready to vacate the seat and instead want to die with it. Instead of forward, we are going backward. Things and markets are on the high side. This is making the masses suffer.

There is no way they would not pad the budget in each year. Budget is now for the politicians instead of for the area it is meant for. They now share a budget among themselves making things so hard for the common men.

Will our country change for the better? Is there hope for the common men? How long do we have to wait for this change to manifest?

It shall be well. We just need to do and play our path and take our precious country to the greatest height.


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