Bluff Of The Decade | Public Corona Hoax Reveal To Dismantle The Entire System Structure [Part 2/3]


As mentioned in part 1 of this miniseries I feel the artificial scare propaganda about corona has "merely" been a bluff to con people into an actual dreadful health hazard - injecting toxins into one's body in the blind faith that this is the responsible and healthy thing to do.

If these vaccinations are in fact harmful where does this all lead to?

We see everywhere that even those who got their vax are still not enjoying the fast lane in public society, rather they are outright disrespected by the same system structures that talked them into accepting these grave violations of their bodies: Everybody still has to wear a mask and when it comes to border crossing everybody still has to show a negative test in practice, regardless of vax status. What an affront!

Were I a believer in the contagion and vaccination paradigm that purports little deadly invader agents to exist (viruses) and that one can get "immunized" to this "threat" by getting vaccinated then I would be appalled to see I am still treated like all those who refused to get the shot.

And this really lends more credibility to the idea that this current scenario many truthseekers are warning about - the ultimate normalization of this current system of pressure, coercion and forced "medical" measures - is NOT something that can be upheld forever. Even so many who went along with everything until now are starting to get pissed because they don't enjoy the vaxxed privileges they have been hoping for, it's all just so illogical. And everybody can see it.

So what then? The power brokers will just call it quits and stop meddling with the lives of people? I don't think so and that's not what I am suggesting.

But if the gang is NOT really after establishing the ultimate medical dystopia we see emerging these past two years then why do all this to begin with and to what end? To set the stage for a massive system restructuring that most people of the general public will welcome with open arms, weary from the years of pressure on all aspects of our lives.

Once the pressure is decreased on people they will rejoice. Finally it's all over. But will it really be? Nope. The entire system, an entire generation of children and really anyone who has lived through this crazy corona time has been deeply scarred by it in some way and this will make it possible to reset everything to a new standard of gruesome compared to the times before corona. Well, "gruesome" to those who are awake, but to the mass of people it will seem like a very very good "new way" of doing things. A wave of relief.

Thesis - antithesis - synthesis.


As I mentioned earlier this is all just speculation on my part, andmerely a potential scenario. So if I say "will" I am merely referring to this paradigm scenario I see coming, it could all be different and I cannot be sure. The question is, if the system is to be restructured compared to the times before corona, how will it be achieved?

By scaring the entire world population into the shady corona dystopia and then swapping it with the "glorious" and "new" solution that will seem mundane and probably even benign compared to the times we are living through right now. But how could that happen?

What I see as a potential is that it will become public knowledge that, in some form or other, this entire corona thing was a scam, that vaccines are in fact dangerous and that the entire public institution of international politics, media and old system structures have failed the people by partaking in this hoax.

Now how could that ever come about you ask? When those who have taken their shots start dropping one by one.I really pray that I am wrong, but if the vaccine is really as problematic as it seems to be, its health related effects will be a massive hit on every circle in society, most prominently the circles were systemic obedience is a prerequisite to working there. Nobody will be able to say that there is no problem and it might painfully become apparent that the alleged "dangerous" non-vaxxers are... fine, somehow. Unlike the rest of society.

It's everybody else who is now the new "risk group" and the more this infernal consequence of trusting the old authorities becomes apparent the more people will see that they have been had one more time. Maybe one time too many.

It will literally affect every single family in the "modern" and "semi-modern" world who have been getting their vaccine. Most people I talk to don't know ANYBODY who got sick more than usual these past two corona years - nothing out of the ordinary. But mostly everyone I talk to is either vaxxed or knows several people who are.

And this will have consequences.

Should it become apparent, that all of this was in some way or another a lie, for whatever reason given - it will be the basis upon which an entire power structure can be publicly denounced and torn down. People will be furious and there will be major upheaval, amongst countless fatalities. It will suddenly become clear that somehow ALL public institutions have been in on this from day one.

And this includes more players than we can feasibly conceive. Think about it. All governments, the UN, the mainstream media, facebook, even google, wikipedia, universities, big supermarket chains. The list of culprits is endless.

It would probably be easier to ask who didn't recommend or demand people get vaccinated? To ask who didn't demand people wear masks or show a hoaxy PCR test to enter a shop?

Because the way I see it, the system will need new heroes for the gullible, newfound authorities that rant against the old lies of the former system talking heads, the institutions and structures we see dying right now by the ridiculous chaos of non-logic and population-betrayal that is unfolding.

There will be public figures who will become essential in promoting the new system to the people and who will ultimately help bring it about for all those who want in, which is probably the vast majority. Cause mostly everybody just wants this nightmare scenario to end and so it will, provided people accept the solution that will be presented.

But who could those promoters and new heroes be? Will there be any left after the corona scam has been publicly denounced? I believe so. But it will not only be select people who get to play people's heroes in the coming chapter, it will also be the final thrust for certain worldviews to suddenly become the basis of the new structure...

But more on that potential scenario in the final part of this miniseries.


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I feel like I have been trying not to know this all along, and am resentful as only cognitive dissonance can effect at being forced to confront it. I don't want things to be the way they're going to be. I want to be left my little illusions as long as I can reside safely in them.

But, I won't be.

It is my hope that decentralized means of production become fully competent to restore society to it's prehistoric, precollectivized state, and that this will all but eliminate heroes in the world to come.


I have the same hope and I really feel you and me are not in the same boat as the vast majority. It will likely become a prison for those asleep, but to those aware enough there will be no place in the new structure.

I feel there is little the system will be able to do but to let those who see through it and reject it go. So they don't stirr up the sleepy masses who look forward to their new cage.

Don't worry. Let's prepare as best we can and it might actually turn out pretty good for all those unwilling to be dominated and enslaved. I am optimistic and I hope many sleeping people will still become aware enough in time to reject the solution they will be presented with from the system side.

Thank you for your take and attention dude!