I know people are angry, afraid and feel betrayed by President Trump

I know people are angry, afraid and feel betrayed by President Trump, he’s done some great things and he’s failed in others, BUT, you can never forget he was swimming in a swamp full of deep staters and globalist communist loving insurrectionists, the kind of people who have financial and ideological ties with the CCP.

Given the fact he was always swimming against a globalist political tide he does have many achievements to his name, the most important one being EXPOSING the corruption in American and global politics.

Criticise him all you want but I think his GREATEST achievement is the GREAT AWAKENING.

Be awake, be smart, be prepared and FIGHT BACK. We are in a political, ideological, cultural and information war so ORGANISE.

Don’t give these leftist usurpers any quarter at any time, show EVERYONE their CONTEMPT of the nuclear family, show EVERYONE their willingness to subvert and destroy PATRIOTISM and the sovereign nation state. Show EVERYONE their hatred of freedom and freedom loving people.

EXPOSE their totalitarian undemocratic tendencies and gear up for a political RESISTANCE.

STOP buying from corporations who fund these degenerates, STOP using big tech platforms who use your data to enrich themselves while censoring your speech.

Take their power away from them.

The GREAT AWAKENING has arrived, play your part, make a difference and RESIST!!!!



Here is a guide to alternatives to censoring Big Tech platforms:

He could've picked up a pen in the last few hours, and pardoned Assange, Snowden and Ulbricht. Nobody was stopping him. No senate approvals required.
That would've done more for freedom in 5 minutes than anything else he's done, and he chose not to.

yup, Trump made all the assholes in the world show their true colors.

I agree. Besides, he had hardly any support from the Senate, and whose fault was that? We , the American people kept reelecting the swamp expecting a different result while putting these same losers that were doing nothing for us back in power. Now this same Republican party turned on Trump the second they saw that they had lost power. They have shown us time and time again that the DEMS and Republicans are no different and seem to actually have the same goals of supreme power over us. But everyone go ahead and blame Trump. when the fault actually lies with the American people who vote these liars in and create our own demise.

I dont think we've heard the last of him. Consider that he showed anyone who had the merest semblance of intelligence just how thoroughly corrupt and pervasive the deep state is. With the stolen election, he demonstrated that no matter how closely and honestly you follow the systems' legal processes, right up to the supreme court the game is rigged and rotten to the core. The US now has fake news, fake media, fake congress, fake senate, fake judiciary and a fake president, propped up by compromised social media which people are leaving for alternative free speech platforms. DC is ring fenced by national guard - probably to keep the criminals in, rather than to stop anyone getting in. I think the Corporation of the US is on the way out and the republic (of / by / for the people) aligned to the constitution will be reborn. I have followed the Q drops for a while now and whilst this could be a psyop, there seems to be something in it, so i am hopeful that there are some good guys working behind the scenes within the defence intelligence agencies to eradicate this scourge.
But, whilst the great awakening procedes there are still huge numbers we need to reach.