A bright quiet place - Zapfic99

in Freewriters2 years ago

Crowds hustle and bustle
Through shop lined streets
Away from the crowds press
Tucked quietly within angel lined wall
Respite for all tired souls
A lone table sits ready and waiting

Yellow, blue, purples and brown
Inviting and waiting to serve
Sweet flavorful brews
Aroma's so rich yet subtle
Good company a recommendation and a must

There you find soft conversations
Through the door activity abuzz
Away from the crush of crowds
Thoughts are clearer able to hear
Conversations around life and love
Love of rich aromas and grand ideas
If ever the need to unwind
Visit at anytime.


oh, that's beautiful
and that you managed to paint the picture as colourful as the wall - in poetry -in 99 words!!

Thank you
Nods head in gratitude

Thanks for entering the #ZapFicWeekend Challenge and writing a #ZapFic99!

This is beautiful ... I feel like I made that visit after reading this!

Thank you. It was written when I was will rested and able to think clearly. Not sure if I did the picture justice though. I think I've reread the poem the times and I feel it's flat. Am element is missing. I needed more words.
But thank you, I'm glad it's struck a chord with you.