Day 1990: 5 Minute Freewrite: Prompt: Woolly Mammoth

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This is my entry for Day 1990: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: Woolly Mammoth

"Ok kids, we have arrived at the reconstructed skeleton of a wooly mammoth", the teacher giving an explanation to his student.

"These bones are found in the northern part of the country where some land is has been frozen for centuries, preserving the bone of this magnificent animal", he added.

"They are one of the biggest mammals that ever live on the planet earth".

"And our ancestors were living alongside these giants in their early stage", he added.

All of the students that joined the visit to the museum that day were all in awe, looking at the huge size of the Wolly Mammoth skeleton.

Then one of the students raise his hand and tried to ask question.

"Are all of us that bad from the beginning of our lifetime?" he asked.

"They are gone when they met our early ancestors with no advance technology"

"Will all animals go extinct because we have so advanced technology as it is today? As we tend to kill every animal that we see now" He added his question.